SAN RAFAEL, California, June 22, 2005

Telltale Incorporated, an emerging pioneer in interactive adventure and
entertainment, today announces Telltale Now - its new model for
delivering graphically rich, engaging, interactive stories direct to
consumers. Telltale is currently developing its first major Telltale
Now release, based on Jeff Smith's popular Bone series, which will be
available Fall, 2005. Telltale will announce additional Telltale Now
plans later this year.

Telltale has created development tools and systems designed
specifically for digital distribution to enable this new mode of

Telltale Now features:

* Immediate delivery. Customers get titles quickly
by downloading them over the Internet, eliminating trips to local
retail stores.

* Free passports. Visit new worlds, meet characters
and explore interactive stories free of charge. Customers then gain
instant access to full stories with a simple mouse-click and secure
online transaction.

* Engaging, ongoing stories. For most titles,
Telltale will release new episodes at regular intervals. While each
release will offer a complete, self-contained adventure, customers will
also be able to continue the stories as new installments become
available throughout the year.

"We've identified a void, which lies between long-form games for hard
core gamers at one end of the spectrum and casual online parlor
diversions at the other," says Dan Connors, Chief Executive Officer of
Telltale. "We see an opportunity to offer rich, interactive stories
that anyone can quickly download and play -- which are simply not
available today. This is an exciting new way to get great adventures
out to the world."

Mike Stemmle, veteran interactive writer and designer, says "Telltale's
new format makes me all a-tingly with storytelling and design
possibilities. It's nice to see a company with the huevos to try
something different."

"Telltale Now fills a unique place in the digital entertainment world,"
says CEO Dan Connors. "These titles provide affordable, shorter-form
online programming, analogous to TV shows. Contrast this with
traditional longer-form titles available at retail, which are
comparable to feature films."

Bone: The Adventure Begins

Telltale will publish it's first Bone title this fall, based on the
popular graphic novel series which has sold over 1 million copies
worldwide. The Bone adventures begin with three cousins - Fone Bone,
Phoney Bone and Smiley Bone - who become separated in a vast, uncharted
desert. One by one, they find their way into a deep, forested valley
filled with wonderful and terrifying creatures and new mysteries that
await them.

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