Sam & Max Season 1 Walkthrough

  • Episode 1 - Culture Shock
  • Episode 2 - Situation: Comedy
  • Episode 3 - The Mole, the Mob, and the Meatball
  • Episode 4 - Abe Lincoln Must Die!
  • Episode 5 - Reality 2.0
  • Episode 6 - Bright Side of the Moon

NOTE: This is a full walkthrough for the game. The text and graphics are chock full of puzzle solutions and spoilers. If you haven't played the game yet and don't want stuff to be given away, don't read this! Check out the spoiler-free screenshots and videos instead.

Official Sam & Max: Culture Shock Walkthrough

Just Another Day at the Office...


As the jazzy music plays in the background...

Sam and Max, your favorite freelance detectives, wait for their next assignment. As Max balances precariously on a bowling ball with an apple perched atop his head, Sam fires his revolver at the piece of fruit narrowly missing Max, and the apple, hitting the wall instead. From the look of the things, this is a common activity around here.

"When are we going to get a new case?" Max wonders out loud.

"Patience is a sharp razor to swallow" Sam replies.

As if on cue, the phone rings. Could it finally be a new case? Well, we aren't going to find out just yet. The phone seems to have disappeared. Sam picks up a note where the phone should be and reads it.

The note reads: Leave Swiss cheese by the rat hole or you'll never see your precious phone alive again.

Who could be so despicable as to steal a helpless phone? The culprit, a rat, pops out of its hole and announces "make sure it's Swiss", then disappears as quickly as it appeared. The fiend.

Fortunately, Max just bought some cheese. Unfortunately, he can't remember where he left it. Oh well, the office is small. How hard can it be to find?

Bait and Swiss

Thoroughly search the office for any items that may come in handy later. Take the boxing glove from the window ledge. Have a look out the window. You get a view of the street below and a strange piece of art work on the side of the building. Take the bowling ball from beside the filing cabinet. There is a lot to interact with in here but you won't be able to do much until later in the game.


Continue walking towards the right side of the screen until you can see the closet door. Open it. There's the cheese. Good place, don't ya' think? It's not Swiss though. Now what? What makes Swiss cheese distinguishable from other cheeses? It's the holes. You need to make holes in the cheese. Maybe the same item that made all the holes in the walls would work. Shoot the cheese. Open your inventory by clicking on the box in the lower left corner. Select the gun and take aim at the cheese. Fire away. Voila! Take the Swiss cheese.

Click the cheese on the rat hole. Jimmy two-teeth appears and kicks the cheese into the rat hole but refuses to give up the phone. He claims the situation has changed and so have the demands. But, before he has time to list them, Max snatches him up and slams him on the desk. Time for a little interrogation.

Interrogate Jimmy Two-Teeth


Sam: "My partner is dangerous".

Jimmy seems unphased by this.

Max: "I'll wring your little neck".

Once again, Jimmy doesn't seem scared. "Hey dogface, your partner is giving me a headache." He says.

Sam: "Got a headache, eh?" Sam asks Jimmy if there is anything he can do to make him more comfortable. Jimmy mentions that he doesn't like being up so high.

Max: "I'll hang you out to dry." He threatens to dangle Jimmy out of the window and then carries through with the threat.

That gets the little hoodlum to produce the phone from some unknown orifice of his body. Yuck.

The phone rings. Whew, just in time. It's the commissioner and he has had a report of malfeasance in the neighborhood. Let's get out here and see what's going down. Click on the office door to exit.

Handle the Vandals


The street goes in either direction but you can see a kid spray painting the side of a building. No time like the present to question him on his actions.

Walk over there and click on him.

Max and Sam recognize him as Specs, former child star, from the show Soda Poppers.

Go through all the dialogue to find out why he is vandalizing the neighborhood. He explains that he has a new light in his life and his name is Brady Culture, the genius behind Eye-Bo. If you ask, he'll tell you that you can get a copy at Bosco's.

After ending the conversation with Specs, Sam says "Max, you've got the t.v. schedule memorized. Weren't the Soda Poppers going to be featured on one of those grim celebrity tell-alls today?" Max replies "Oh yeah! On channel 173, the Child Star Expose Network, which we only get when it's convenient." We'll have to go back to the office and watch that later.

Let's head over to Bosco's and take his statement and grab an Eye-bo video also. Bosco's store is just a little further down the street. Click on the door to enter.

Bosco's Inconvenience


Sam automatically begins to take Bosco's statement. Bosco claims to be having a problem with a "munchkin terrorist". He points to the kid in the corner who is setting up an unauthorized video display. Sam recognizes him as another one of those Soda Poppers. This one is named Whizzer.


Bosco wants you to put a stop to him. Before ending the conversation with Bosco, ask about what he has for sale. He will mention a new item from Bosco Technology. It's a teargas grenade launcher. It would probably come in handy except the price is a little steep. Max comments that they'll have to give out a million tickets to raise that kind of money or maybe just give out one large ticket. We'll do that when we are done here.

For now, grab one of the Eye-bo videos for viewing in a little while. Now let's interrogate Whizzer.

Talk to him about what he's doing and he'll tell you all about Brady Culture and his revolutionary Eye-bo video. When you've exhausted the conversation options you can threaten to arrest him but that gets you nowhere. Let's just go back to the office and watch the video.

Before leaving, grab the cheese. You can never have too much cheese you know. Exit. Oooops. Sorry about that. Looks like Bosco's technology really works. Put the cheese back on the table. That's a lesson you won't forget, if you're lucky. Return to the office.

Click the tape on the VCR. As Sam pops the video in, Max screams "Stop!" He forgot the snack. Sam and Max leave to get their goodies and miss the intro to the video. Jimmy Two-Teeth emerges from his rat hole just in time to watch. Max and Sam come back in and see Jimmy hypnotized. They realize what is going on now and determine that they must put a stop to Brady Culture. First they must stop the Soda Poppers, however.

Didn't Max mention a "behind the scenes" program about child stars? Click on the television. How convenient. There is one on now about the Soda Poppers. The first episode is about Specs and his obsession with perfection. Click again. The second episode is about Whizzer and his incontinence. Click again, the third episode is about Peepers and his large eyes. Yep there's a third one.

screenshot screenshot

Return to the street corner.

You Have the Right to Remain Violent


This time, head in the other direction. Max and Sam's squad car is parked on this little side street. Click on the Desoto. Max asks where they are going.

"Let's go pull over some rich criminals" Sam replies.

As they get into the car, the camera catches a glimpse of a spray can sitting on the car to the rear.


As you take off in hot pursuit of law breakers, Max casually mentions that he may have chewed through the brake lines. Sam will have to stop the car by first slamming into the car ahead, which apparently he was already planning on doing.

To pull a car over: Slam into it from behind. Next, click on the gun. Aim at the taillight and fire. Click on the megaphone. "Pull Over". The car pulls over and the gentleman inside will ask what he's being pulled over for. A hideously broken taillight of course. The fine for which is, drum roll please, $10,000. A bit steep, but after the guy confers with his attorney, he hands over a bag of money. After receiving the fine return to the street by clicking on the icon on the bottom right.

Take the spray can while we're here. It may come in useful later. Now let's go do a little shopping. Return to Bosco's.

Click the bag of money on Bosco. He hands over the tear gas grenade launcher which turns out to be a salad shooter with onions. As soon as Sam picks it up, Bosco-Technology's Automated Defense System, or B-TADS, kicks in and knocks him out. No weapons in the store.

Exit the store and head down the street, past the office, until you see a shop called Sybil's. Maybe Sam and Max will find some information there.

Stop the Pop

As they enter, the closet door is shaking violently as if someone is trying to get out. There is another one of those creepy Soda Popper's here. He welcomes Sam and Max and introduces himself as Sybil Pandemik, licensed psychotherapist. He obviously isn't, but if you question him, he does not back down from his claim of being Sybil.


When you are done talking, open the closet door. The real Sybil Pandemik comes out of the closet, so to speak. Talk to her and she will tell you that she believes Peepers has been hypnotized. She thinks she can bring him out of it, if you can knock him out. Hmmm. How about the boxing glove? Use it on him. Nope. Wait till he rubs his eyes. That didn't work. You'll need to find another way to distract him. How about that tear gas grenade launcher?

Time to knock out Peepers. Shoot him in the eye with the salad shooter, errrr.... tear gas grenade launcher. While he's crying, hit him in the face with the boxing glove.

As Peepers crumples in a heap on the floor a detached voice is heard. He seems to be watching the scene from an undisclosed location and is rather enjoying it, until he realizes his evil plan is being threatened.

Once Peepers is knocked out, Sybil un-hypnotizes him to "destroy the intruder in your dream" and then confirms that he was hypnotized.

Peepers says that Brady Culture was in his dream telling him to do stuff and the last thing he remembers is entering Brady Culture's Home For Former Child Stars, but he doesn't remember the location. He thinks his brothers might, however. It looks like Sam and Max need to find this home.

screenshot screenshot

Next on the list of Soda Poppers is Specs. Exit outside. You know how picky Specs is. If you were to mess up one of his painting that might stop him. Use the spray paint (you did remember to pick the can up on the car behind the DeSoto, didn't you?) on his artwork. The one on the office building. Nicely done. Specs comes over and is outraged. While he's fixing it up, head back up to the office.


Click on the window to look down on Specs. Drop the bowling ball on his head. He's knocked unconscious. That would have killed the average former child star. Return outside.

Click on Specs and de-hypnotize him the way Sybil showed you.

Whoever it is that is watching this seems to be enjoying the show, until he realizes his plan is in jeopardy.

Sam asks Specs where Brady is. He says 227...but can't remember the name of the street. He thinks Whizzer might. Let's go take care of him next.

Return to Bosco's


How to stop Whizzer. Hmmmm. If we could get him to steal something then Bosco's B-Tads would knock him out, but how are we going to get him to steal? Remember the cheese? Notice how he takes an empty crate outside to reload with videos? Try putting the cheese in the crate. Nope that doesn't work. We'll have to distract him. Remember Whizzer's weakenss?

Click on the bathroom door. Sam refuses to go in but Max will. When he's finished with his business and flushes the sound of running water gets Whizzer going. While Whizzer's in the bathroom doing his thing, drop the cheese in the delivery crate. Now just wait and watch. When Whizzer tries to leave the store, kablam! The boxing glove comes down and knocks him out.

screenshot screenshot

Click on Whizzer to bring him out of it. Once again we hear the voice. Where in the heck is that coming from? He realizes his evil plan is in ruins. Now he is turning his attention to Sam and Max. Ooooops.

Whizzer frantically takes off and leads Sam and Max on a high speed chase. Boxes of Eye-bo videos start flying out of the back of the van. Grab the gun and take aim at the van tires. Eventually you'll blow out a tire and Whizzer will be forced to pull over.

When Sam questions him about Brady's Home for Former Child Stars he says "it's right across the street." How convenient.

Click on the entrance gate. It's locked up tight. To the left of the monkey grinder are the admission forms. Take one. Sam automatically reads it. Brady only accepts patients with Artificial Personality Disorder. Try inserting it into the form reader. It won't be accepted unless it has been signed by a professional. Return to Sybil's to get the form signed.

Tell Me About Your Mother


Sam shows the form to Sybil.

Note: The symptoms will be a little different from game to game.

She offers to psychoanalyze Sam.

The first symptom will correspond to the first analysis.

The symptom will either be an obsession with money or fame. Make sure your answer involves the first symptom.

Free Association

When you hear a word that is associated with either dentistry or hair styling, try to hit Sybil with the boxing glove or try to take a pot shot at her with the gun, otherwise just click on anything in the office or on her and select any word.

Dream Analysis

If your desire is to see your peers getting older, select Max as the figure in the room. Click on the donut box and say there is a birthday cake in it. If your desire is to marry your mother, select Sybil as the figure in the room. Click on the donut box and select wedding cake.

That was the final symptom. Sybil seems very excited and diagnosis Sam with APD. She signs the form. Now you can return to Brady's Home for Former Child Stars.


Click on the Desoto.

Here's the Story of a Man Named Brady

Click the form on the reader. The monkey starts crashing his cymbals together apparently approving of the home's latest patient. The gate slides open. Click on the gate to enter.

As you enter, Brady Culture, the man behind the plan, rises from the center of the stage, playing a "Swirlitzer" and not so well, might I add. Brady reveals his evil plan. All he ever wanted was to be universally loved and to be number 1 in the t.v. ratings for the 1971 fall season. But those darn Soda Poppers came in opposite to his show and stole his audience. He was never offered another role. Now that Sam and Max have ruined the irony of having Brady's arch rivals run his promotional campaign, he's going to make them take their place.

screenshot screenshot

He hypnotizes Sam and the next thing you know, he is delivering Eye-bo videos at Bosco's.

Do you remember how Sam stopped Whizzer? You can stop Sam the same way. Click on the cheese when he walks by. When he exits the store he is clobbered by the security system.


Sam is now in a dream. Sybil said to "Destroy the intruder in your dream." Sam must destroy the Brady Cultures in his dream.

There are four of them.


The first one is in the light. Flip the switch by the door to get rid of him.

The second one is on the television screen. Take the coat hanger and the t.v. will lose reception.

The third one is in the closet. The rat should be able to take care of him but it's too little. Open the door, then walk over and use the pump to make him bigger. He takes care of the rest.

Fourth and finally, Brady Culture has Max's body. You'll need to get Max's head down. There is a one way sign next to the door. If you click on it, you get a clue as to how to go about it. When Sam spins the sign the room flips but Sam can't catch Max's head. Stand under Max's head and shoot the sign instead. Sam will grab Max. Now just click Max on his body. Turn away if you're squeamish. Max devours Brady and the dream ends.

Sam wakes up in Bosco's store and learns that Max has been kidnapped. Speak to Bosco. Sam asks if Bosco has invented a way to block hypnotic rays. He says he's thought about it but doesn't know where to begin.

Maybe Sybil would know something.

Exit to Sybil's.

Ask Sybil if she knows how to block the ray. She just happens to have a diagram from a technologically inclined patient. While she admits that it is a gross breach of doctor-patient privilege for her to tell Sam anything, she hands over the diagram.

Return to Bosco's.

Click the diagram on Bosco. He says he can build it but he needs an antenna. Where have you seen an antenna? There is a coat hanger on the t.v. in the office that will work.

Return to the office.

Take the coat hanger from the t.v. Return it to Bosco.

Click the hanger on Bosco. He works his magic and produces the ray-blocking helmet. He gives it to Sam free of charge. The next one is going to cost you though.

screenshot screenshot

Return to Brady's Home for Former Child Stars.

Click on the gate. Sam puts on the helmet before entering.

Max is tied up on the Swirlitzer. Brady tries to hypnotize Sam again but the ray-blocking helmet does its job. The Soda Poppers appear at Sam's side ready to take on Brady Culture, unfortunately he just hynoptizes them again and they begin fighting with one another.


Click on the Soda Poppers.

Sam: "Become" "Brady Culture"

The Soda Poppers do a pretty good imitation, don't you think?

Brady: "Attack the dog".

They begin attacking each other again.

Sam: "Worship me"

Brady: "Worhsip ME, ME, ME"

Click on the Soda Popper again.

Sam: "Attack" "ME"

The Soda Poppers go after Brady Culture and put him out of commission.

Max takes the honor of de-hypnotizing the Soda Poppers and Sam crushes Brady's hypnotizing glasses. As Brady's plan is destroyed, we catch a glimpse of a scene on t.v. of a hypnotized fan who can't seem to stop watching Myra's show.

The End?

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