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Telltale doesn't value console gamers

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So, basically, I just wanted to voice my disdain at the lack of love going from Telltale to console gamers. I've been playing Telltale's games since the widely discredited Jurassic Park that was released two years back, and have thoroughly enjoyed their games ever since, despite having to wait forever to actually finish a game and being disappointed with the lack of effort (I hope, at least, cos if that was effort, I'm worried about Season 2 of TWD) put into Episode 5 of TWD and 400 days.

However, that is not my point here. My point is that Telltale is hugely favouring the PC gamers over the console games which, I believe, is unacceptable. I, personally, get quite bad RSI pains when playing on a computer, so have opted to play on consoles to save my wrists from hurting. I played through the first game for TWD on my PS3, and was thoroughly impressed by it, however now I have learned that PC gamers are to receive a free Collector's Edition of the game for pre-ordering, while console gamers have no such offer, or even an option to pre-order the game at all. The latter of those complaints may simply be down to difficulty setting it up on console, but personally I see the lack of offers given to console gamers as a disgrace, and I yet again feel cheated by life, as, while many of my friends will play on PC and get the collectors edition, I will be forced by my RSI and by Telltale itself to pay over-the-odds for a collectors edition, and, if I want to play before it is released (presumably in summer 2015 (as it took them a year to make the GOTY for the first game)) I will have to buy the game on digital download as well.

While PC gamers get their Collector's editions for the price of the season pass and P&P, I will be left with a downloaded game that, should my playstation break, I will lose, for the same price.

I see this a favouritism, and find it unacceptable for a company to favour one customer over another.

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