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Xbox TWD Game - Can't advance to 2nd chapter

posted by Mybarra81 on - Viewed by 136 users

Ok so I'm starting to get a little upset with this game... First I downloaded it on my iPad and loved it but didn't want to pay $15 for the other chapters, so when I seen they had it for xbox I was beyond excited :) So I bought it, when it began playing the game kept freezing and delaying (but that's another discussion) so after being very patient (2 1/2wks) I finally was able to pass chapter 1 HOORAY!!! But that excitement was short lived, now I can't continue further.. I go to play chapter 2 and it just makes me restart chapter 1, wtf!!!! I try to bypass chapter 2 and go to chapter 3, and I'm right back at chapter 1!!!! I can't go forward, I can't see what fate awaits my characters, nothing... I'm beyond frustrated by this point now and I can't return it to the store (I tried) SOMEONE PLZ HELP, I WANNA CONTINUE PLAYING!!!!!!!!

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