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Black screen on mac OSX 10.9

posted by MrCoolDeath on - Viewed by 170 users

I was playing the Walking Dead game when i made it to episode 5 then when i clicked play the game gave me a black screen and i was waiting for a while and nothing happened, anyone know how to fix this (playing on Steam).

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    DjNDB Moderator

    Please follow the instructions to run the TWD Support Tool and post the download link to the resulting "" to your next reply in this thread.

  • I've been having this problem for about....Idk...5 months or so (I could be off on months #) and its really annoying. Just like you described to, you click your chapter you want, and then it goes to black and it looks kinda like a loading screen, so you just wait there and nothing ever happens. The only difference is I'm experiencing it on 10.8.5. (luckily i did get to play it to the end of season 1 before it started doing this dumb crap, but now i can't play the new installments)

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