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The Walking Dead Season 2 - Login Error

posted by welshdrag on - Viewed by 38.5K users

Login Error Can't communicate with Telltale Servers

I've even tried allowing the software too be able to go out of the firewall. Even tried restart the computer. I am upset how I am unable to login and play this game on time. I feel sorry for myself and others to per-ordered on the website.

Just have to wait for a bit longer I suppose. While like 70% of players on steam have already got their access too their game.

I am very upset :( very heart breaking.

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  • Bought the game from TTG online got the email saying all well to download did this, installed then for the last two days when it starts up all i am getting is

    Cant connect to Telltale server. And that was all she wrote.. no mention of anything else error messages drm rights etc

    Just plainly dead

    Nice start to the game and after all the hoops they put us through with proving that we bought 400 days dlc and the disc from another supplier (EBGAMES) here in Aus

  • Yeah it is still not working. I tried a fresh install too. Are you guys sure the issue was fixed? EDIT:Got it working. I logged onto the server in Season 1 and that fixed it. If anyone has both seasons and cannot connect to the server, try logging into season 1 THEN season 2.

  • Tried the fix : REG DELETE "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Telltale Games\Launcher" no good at all. seems like nothing has changed for us downunder time to try support and wait in line for a cuppla days 8-)

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  • Just got back from emailing support re this prob Will go and give it a try right now...

    Man i loved Farscape 8-) 8-)

  • This sucks big time Season 1 runs via steam (all to do with the 400 days dlc and proving that you owned it etc ) login there ok game runs fine logout
    Run Season 2 under win7 and still get the same error . E-( i f i cant register the game with ttg server then i cannot get season two running at all and no hope of getting it to run under steam either if i needed it to.

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  • So... still not resolved. Got an email 3 and a half hours ago saying I'd get a refund. Then... nothing.

  • I tried logging in to season 1 and then season 2. It worked for me, but not sure that logging in to season 1 actually did anything or not. But the servers seem to be running for a few more people now

  • Stiil no Joy 8-(

    Says a lot for getting it via steam or waiting till it comes out on disc at least all errors are fixed and it WILL install and work first time but a loooong wait for that. Next time if i ever feel like torturing myself again for season 3 i will look in on TTG. e-( e-( e-(

    Failing that its steam all the way *-)

  • I'm in Australia and still waiting for this thing to work for me. I don't get error messages, but when I click on "Click here to begin" nothing happens.

    • I've been waiting all day and nothing on the mac but telltale is to busy worrying about twitter and everyone raving about the reviews forgetting some people still cant play smh

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      What platform are you playing it on? Can you please provide a DxDiag so that I can assist you further?

      For PC: Please send us your DXDiag if you’re using PC. (To send a DXDiag, click the Start menu, click Run, and then type in DXDiag and press enter. After it loads, click Save All Information and save the file where you’ll be able to easily find it.

      For Mac: Select the Apple logo on the top toolbar of you desktop, then select 'About this Mac', and then 'More info...'. Now Select 'File' on the top toolbar of your desktop, then find 'Save As'. Choose a filename to easily find the document after saving, and most importantly change the file format to an easy to read document type (RTF is recommended) and save the file.

      After you have the file please copy and paste the contents in a Private Discussion to me and I can assist you further. (To send a Private Discussion, click on my Username, and click on Private Discussion on the left hand side. I apologize for the inconvenience you are experiencing.

    • If nothing happens, try moving your mouse nearby the word "season" and see if the arrow turns to cursor. If so, use ALT+Tab to cnange to desktop and change back to the game. Now you should see the Login-Window, that was invisible first.

  • I contacted Support via email yesterday, they suggested the original fix concerning the registry and changing my password. I did both, and still had no luck. I emailed back saying as such, and haven't received a response since. I understand there's a lot of people with troubles, but I don't want to get lost in the crowd either. I just tried the game again and am still getting that same issue of it saying login failed because it was unable to connect to Telltale's servers.

    • Hey there same problem to but they havent got back to me either after support request. Have tried all the work arounds .Did what TelltaleMike suggested above and mailed info to him. Maybe a fix will be found ..............................

      Dave still waiting in hopes E-(

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