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The Walking Dead Season 2 - Login Error

posted by welshdrag on - Viewed by 37.4K users

Login Error Can't communicate with Telltale Servers

I've even tried allowing the software too be able to go out of the firewall. Even tried restart the computer. I am upset how I am unable to login and play this game on time. I feel sorry for myself and others to per-ordered on the website.

Just have to wait for a bit longer I suppose. While like 70% of players on steam have already got their access too their game.

I am very upset :( very heart breaking.

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  • Got it working. First I used my email as login. I got the f*** message. Then I used my username, which is diplayed after logging in on this website. With this username I get a connection every time I start the game. Hope this works for you guys too :))

  • I finally was able to download a clean install of the game. Now I can't login, nevermind the fact that it doesn't even give yo the chance to login. Nope, just "login error"

    So from what is suggested is that I have to login in season 1 via Steam and/or change password login in this website and then I can login to season 2? Nevermind the fact I don't have Steam, don't want to install it since I don't buy games there ever nor have a connection capable of downloading season 1 at the moment (I had to pause several times to get the first ep. of season 2 as it is).

    Then they wonder why people pirate games. This is really sucky DRM. I don't mind them as long as they work, but this "must be in the internet" thing is really annoying, especially since I have spotty internet at best, and this kind of game doesn't need any online presence to be played. Put a combination key number like the old times please. Seriously, why are you causing all these troubles for the people who did legitimately give you money for the game?

  • Day 3 no fix no contact from support no nothing except cannot contact server message ....................

    Whats the deal for a refund ?

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    MattP Telltale Staff

    If anyone is still having trouble logging in, please contact customer support at for further assistance.

  • I'm still not able to connect. Help please! I'm getting Login Error!

  • mine still does not work LOG IN ERROR

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    There are still a small number of customers experiencing this issue. Please make sure your Telltale Games account's password ONLY contains a-z, A-Z, and 0-9 and no other characters. If you have an " or \ or any non-ASCII characters in your password, please login to your account on our website and change your password.

    This may also be an issue with your registry. Please open a command window. (Below are instructions on how to open a command window)

    Windows XP: Go to your start menu and click on run. Type in "cmd" and press enter

    Windows Vista / 7: Press the Windows key. Type in "cmd" and press enter

    Windows 8: At the start screen, type in "cmd" and press enter

    Then copy the command line below and paste it into the command window, press enter, and confirm the question (to confirm the question, type and press enter):

    REG DELETE "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Telltale Games\Launcher

    (Please make sure when copying and pasting the above line, you are not including a space after Launcher, otherwise it will not work.)

    Please then try launching The Walking Dead again.

  • still not letting me.....still says cant communicate with server

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