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Is it possible to merge 2 accounts?

posted by Theendgamelv3 on - Viewed by 222 users

So I bought The Wolf Among Us and made a mistake when I put my email address I forgot the m in com at the end of my email address. So I can't verify my account....well that account. So today I log in and I thought, wow you guys fixed it and checked my games to see The Wolf Among US isn't there, but Back To The Future was. Then I realized I downloaded Back To The Future Ep1 when it went free a few years back, so I had already had account here that I have forgotten about. Basically I have a account with my correct full email address and one where the "m" at the end is missing. Is it possible to merge these accounts or at least allow me to change my email on the account with the missing "m"? I can't change my email cause I am not Authorize and any kind of verification sent to help change the email goes to a email that doesn't exist.

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