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TWD, Wolf over proxy servers

posted by Goooop on - Viewed by 621 users

I live at university and my internet connection is entirely through proxy servers. I am using an ipad 4 and although I can download TWD1&2 and Wolf and buy all the episodes as in app purchases, I can't actually download any of the extra episodes. TWD1 begins at 0% and will not progress and TWD2 has a permanent "coming soon" over episodes 2-5 and when I go to play and try to download them it says "download is not possible at this time". Furthermore when I open TWD2 it gets to the "connecting..." screen at startup but will not progress, however Wolf and TWD1 do progress from this screen. I am almost certain that all these problems are a result of the internet connection. Steam similarly does not work over proxies.

Is there any way of connecting to proxy servers within the games? If not, is there a way of downloading the complete pack from the App Store or from you? If both these are not possible is there any specific solution to the problems I described above?

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