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Can we just get a Steam code for season 2?

posted by mister_stiglitz on - Viewed by 13.3K users

Seriously, it'll save everyone time, you guys wont have to figure out what's wrong, and we can just get to playing.

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    If you are still having server login issues, please contact our Support Staff at and they will attempt to assist you with your issue.

  • Is not issuing Steam codes for games purchased directly from Tell Tale the policy going forward?

    By the way, it would have been nice to inform people that you wouldn't be doing so for TWD S2 considering you had done it for S1 and TWAU.

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  • I was explicitly told by Telltale Support before the game launched that I will receive a Steam key:

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      tronix Telltale Staff

      This user has posted an early private response for a policy that has changed. We will honor our commitment to this user, but do not condone the publication of a private correspondence with our support staff.

      • This is getting a little silly. It's clearly possible for Telltale to obtain Steam keys for their own games. I have a TTG key for the game that I paid $17 for. I'm trying my best to offload so that I can purchase the game from Steam for $25.

        I'd be totally happy to pay you guys more money (up to $5) for a Steam key. Can't you set up a new SKU, charge me $5, revoke access to my TTG version, and issue me a Steam key? I'd also be happy to PayPal a TTG address $5 or even mail the company a check.

        A little flexibility with customers goes a long way..

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          MonkeyDot BANNED

          I don't really agree with it, not with those $5. I paid for my game, I should have it. Sure they can remove the game from TTG, but I'm not paying more.

          • If you paid for your game... then you DO have it. The problem is you (and I) didn't read the fine print and we both want more than we got. And for that, I'm happy to pay an extra surcharge for my mistake.

            It's obvious why Telltale is doing this... they want to make more money per game. You can't blame them for that. Unfortunately, I'm not going to activate the key I did get, and I'm certainly not going to be buying more Telltale games from GMG, the Telltale store, or any other service that's not Steam.

            I've made it this far without Origin, I don't really play Blizzard games, and I suffered through Uplay once for Far Cry 3. I really think limiting consumer choice is a bad bet in today's market.

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    MonkeyDot BANNED

    Look Telltale, I understand the tricky part in this situation, you don't have Steam keys, ok, but you are handling this very, very poorly. Both the server problems AND the steam keys issue can be solved by giving your customers Steam keys, so talk to Valve, and find a way to give out those keys. Sure, you want people to use your distribuiton method, I understand, but do you think that this first experience will make people come back to it? Because after this, if I don't get my Steam key, I know I'll buy it directly from Steam, no matter the discounts.

    So, do everyone a favor and give out the Steam keys, fix the servers; that way we'll play your game, and your distribution method will work, everybody wins this way, and I'm sure giving out repeated vague responses isn't helping, at all.

  • yea i'm still having problems. a steam key would be great. I reinstalled, then something went wrong with my registry in reinstalling, can't even connect to the server now. And when I could it said I didn't own the game?

    • Season 2 appears to add a registry entry that remains even after uninstallation.

      If you go to... HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Telltale Games\

      ..then expand the tree you'll see different things depending if you have or had Season 1 installed, one will be called "Launcher". Launcher seems to be tied to season 2 since it has username and password information and the username I'm seeing is the one I use on this site, not the one I use on Steam. So I'm assuming if one uninstalls season 2 then removes that launcher entry under the registry, that may clear up any registry issues one has. Or it may cause ones system to explode.

      • I got an email from support telling me this (after like 4 hours and having to PM a mod here). Didn't wind up helping anything.

        Their support is either swamped or horrible, cause it's been like an hour and a half since since then.

  • Wait, so we're not getting Steam Keys? Seriously? That's just unacceptable.

    Telltale, I love your work but you have to correct this - I want the game on Steam, not as a download, and if this ain't fixed I won't be pre-ordering anything else via your site in the future- which is sad, since I want to support the developers directly of course. And even though I love the games, I already own the game now - I shouldn't have to pay for it again just to be able to get it on Steam.

    What's the reasoning behind this? I was completely under the impression that a pre-order would include a Steam key, that's obvious in this day of age! I fully expect Telltale to correct this and give all us who pre-ordered the game here Steam keys, since the alternative will probably render a lot of negative feedback that could so easily be avoided.

  • Interesting to note: (read the whole thread, don't get caught up in the greenlight bit)

    So Telltale can theoretically generate keys for free and make a handful of people on their support forum really happy.

  • Looking to sell my key now to get it on Steam. Thats how much I'm wanting a Steam key. I didn't realize this would be a big deal. I just want it to be backed up with the rest of my games, not going through some other service. Convenience. But that's not what I'm getting at the moment. I'm siding with langdonx that I'm willing to pay a bit more from my "not reading the fine print error." I just don't understand why this seems like such a hard topic. I understand previous arrangements with other users. But to me that's silly as it shows that its possible to get a Steam key.

    So please please please, Telltale. Let's get some Steam keys going! -(currently) faithful fan.

  • I knew reading the fine print that I wasn't getting a Steam Key.

    However, I would great appreciate a chance to pay extra for one, once an opportunity becomes available. It just makes it easier for my continuity of gameplay (and sanity) to keep everything on Steam.


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