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The Walking Dead Season 2 - Login Error

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Login Error Can't communicate with Telltale Servers

I've even tried allowing the software too be able to go out of the firewall. Even tried restart the computer. I am upset how I am unable to login and play this game on time. I feel sorry for myself and others to per-ordered on the website.

Just have to wait for a bit longer I suppose. While like 70% of players on steam have already got their access too their game.

I am very upset :( very heart breaking.

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  • Yeah,fix the game Telltale Games!!!

  • For those of you like me that were not getting an option to log in and would get this message once you clicked start I have found a solution. If you can still get into Walking Dead Season one and it asks you to log in, log in there. Then quit season one of walking dead and start walking dead season 2. Works like a charm for me

    • Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! It worked for me too! :)

      • Glad it worked for someone else. There is a definite problem between the box that is suppose to pop up for your verification and the actual verification process that is causing all this mess.

        • @Telltalemike: Dameon2k is right with his guess. There is a problem with this login window. When you did the regfix, so that the window will popup, it pops up, but it is firstly NOT visible. When you move the mousearrow over the word "Season" the arrow turns to a cursor. That means, there is a field to enter letters. But it is not visible. When you now switch to your desktop and switch back in the game, the login window is visible. Same thing had to me. I first changed my password on TTG Account only using A-Z, a-z,0-9, then I did the regfix, then I startet the game. After clicking "continue" no Login-Error appears, but also nothing else happens. Moving the mouse around while waiting I saw the change from arrow to cursor. So I switched out the game and in again and the login-window appears and I could enter email and password. After that, I could enter the game. (PC, Win8.1, 64bit, non Steam)

  • Has anybody had any luck getting their money back from Telltale? I asked for a refund 3 days ago and only received a confirmation email and ticket number. No word since. I've still not been able to play due to the "no connection to server" issue. I've tried changing my password, deleting the registry, signing into part 1, reinstalling, rebooting... nothing works! How many more hoops do I have to jump through to play a game I already paid for?

  • Funny... season one doesn't work for me anymore either

  • Hey guys, so I've done a few things. Reinstall didn't help, nor did the cmd command. The only thing that seemed to help was changing the password in your telltale website login, and clicking the top of the "click to begin" beginning screen. That's the only thing that worked for me, see if it works for you too.

  • I tried to login in to the first season and exit,and then started the season 2...I could login,it actually WORKED... Hope it helps you to!!!

  • Login Error. Can't communicate with Telltale Server! What can I do?

  • damn it telltale fix it plz

  • I just created a TellTale account in order to preorder this game, and I apparently hadn't "verified my account". I was getting the same login error, but it suddenly worked after resending the verification email and verifying my account. Worth a shot to anyone is having the issue.

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