The Walking Dead - 400 Days

An all-new DLC episode featuring five stories of survival

How does this episode relate to Season 1?

400 Days is a brand new chapter in the world of The Walking Dead. Although the events of 400 Days take place in the same geographical region as Season 1, this is not Lee or Clem’s story. 400 Days is split over 5 short stories; each presents the apocalypse through the eyes of a different survivor.

Is this episode part of the season 1 season pass or multipack?

400 Days is DLC (downloadable content) and therefore in most instances, requires that you buy it in order to play. You can buy 400 Days from within the Season One game menu or directly from your gaming platform’s online marketplace. 400 Days is included in the cost of the Season One Season Pass only if purchased from the Telltale Games Online Store. 400 Days is included as part of the “Complete First Season” coming to PlayStation Vita.

How much will 400 Days cost?

400 Days is US$4.99 or equivalent for Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation Network, Steam and iOS.

Was this episode created by the same people that made Season 1?


Why isn’t this episode about Clementine?

The creators of 400 Days wanted to provide a different perspective on the world of The Walking Dead prior to Season 2 beginning later this year and provide interesting ‘connective tissue’ between the two seasons.

Does this episode play in the same way as Season 1?

Yes. 400 Days offers the same game-play dynamics as Season 1. Even in this self-contained series of short stories, your choices will matter.

Will my choices in Season 1 affect 400 Days and will my choices in 400 Days affect Season 2?

Yes. 400 Days will check to see if you have a Season 1 save file. The decisions you made in Season 1 will have an effect on your 400 Days experience. And yes…choices made in 400 Days will resonate in
Season 2.

Why is it called 400 Days?

The events you’ll experience take place over a period of 400 Days.

Is 400 Days Season 2 of The Walking Dead game?

No. 400 Days is a ‘special episode’ of season 1.

How do I buy/install 400 Days?

400 Days cannot be purchased as a standalone game. It’s DLC (downloadable content) and therefore, you must have at least episode one, season one of The Walking Dead installed on your games system to play.400 Days will be available to buy from within The Walking Dead season one.

Is it a good idea for 400 Days to be my first experience of Telltale’s The Walking Dead, or should I play Season 1 first?

We highly recommend that you play through Season One first.

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