Remembering Jory Prum

1975 - 2016

We at Telltale are deeply saddened by the loss of Jory Prum. Our condolences go out to his family, friends and colleagues. Jory has been a part of Telltale since the very beginning and many of Telltale’s games were recorded at StudioJory his studio in Fairfax California. Jory not only brought his technical skills, attention to detail, great ear and work ethic to our recording process but he also brought his warmth, sense of humor, integrity and deep spirit to the process as well. Jory created and supported an atmosphere in his studio where designer, writers, directors and actors could do what they love and bring characters and stories to life. From the days of constant hilarity recording Sam and Max to the emotionally taxing Walking Dead recordings, everyone involved could feel special about what was being created. There are a lot of recording studios that have more recording equipment, more comfortable chairs and are a little less funky, but none of them have the humanity, love and soul that StudioJory had. RIP Jory, you will be missed.

Kevin, Dan and Everyone at Telltale

Jory Prum in studio