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Strong Female Character in each Modern TT game?

Latest post by Brodester08

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Merged: Would you Like Telltale Games to make a Emotional War Game?

Posted by Lee Everett

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Marvel's Jessica Jones (Out now on Netflix)

Latest post by JamesDalton1995

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Merged: The Hunger Games - Telltale Games

Posted by shhmoney

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Spoiler tags under a spoiler tagged discussion

Latest post by Wolfenus54

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The Prayer Thread.

Latest post by Arvigeus

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Does anyone know the link to the site that has a lot of interactive stories?

Latest post by TWD_stan

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Charlie Sheen's HIV Diagnosis!

Latest post by Chilled

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What Are you Happy to have or are Thankful For? Positive and Funny Thread

Latest post by iHeartTWD

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Back To The Future Season 1

Latest post by ScootersPlotArmour

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Sora For Smash! (Also other characters)

Latest post by Poogers555

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Documentary About Telltale Available Now ("Telltale Games: Story Mode")

Latest post by WarpSpeed

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Favorite Game quotes

Latest post by SergeantSnookie

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Dragon Age Fan Thread (Trespasser DLC out now!)

Latest post by Linnet

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Firewatch by Campo Santo Games (Jake Rodkin & Sean Vanaman's new company)

Latest post by OzzyUK

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How long does it take for Telltale support to update a ticket?

Posted by aergistal

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what is Telltales next games?

Latest post by Player_DelsinJordan

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The post credit scene matters

Latest post by Chilled

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Need sniper (cs:go)

Latest post by CrazedRabbit

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Latest post by Clord

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Can we talk about....

Latest post by Clord

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Would you agree with me, if I said that modern architecture is hideous?

Latest post by Hilux

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Persuasive Speech Help

Latest post by InfiniteDawn

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Hey Telltale, can you ban this weird asshole messaging me??

Latest post by Jennifer

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What were your favorite Childhood movies/shows

Latest post by ChuckTheLizard

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about TELLTALE games

Latest post by freelancepolicefan11

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Mass Effect: What kind of person was your Sheppard?

Latest post by CrazyGeorge

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What season you'd like to see next?

Latest post by GOUSTTTT

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Do you ever waste water?

Latest post by thestalkinghead

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