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No sound Season 1 episode 2

Latest post by MicahMoo11

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Will we ever see Lily again?

Latest post by MaconMajr

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If Jeffrey Dean Morgan didn't audition as Negan, Who would you have wanted?

Latest post by ShaneWalsh

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'We All Fall Down' Episode Discussion

Latest post by JimmyJoeJangles

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Episode 3 Trailer Reactions(official)

Latest post by GOUSTTTT

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Tell your deepest darkest secret for TWD S3

Latest post by InnerFedora

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Most foul mouthed character?

Latest post by JawaEater

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Would you'd had rather a Jane or Kenny mini series than Michonne?

Latest post by Flog61

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Will TWD AMC be able to catch up to TWD comics?

Latest post by JordaaNPopee

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AMC The Walking Dead Episode Ranking TOP 5

Latest post by ShaneGrimes

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Imagine Negan in TWD game!

Latest post by 123098PutinSkis

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Walking dead character showdown!

Latest post by Mrwalto69

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7 days To Die preorder skins?

Latest post by prink34320

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Season 1 Ep 3 Cannot Interact with Switch

Latest post by Fergusness

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How did the survivors find Wellington?

Latest post by ShaneGrimes

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Extremely slow download

Latest post by Anthorn

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Moved: Cant buy more episodes

Posted by OzzyUK

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Who would win? Lee or Randall?

Latest post by Shaboomm

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Jane is a cunt

Latest post by Joe_Momma

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Who is a Lee Everett Fan?

Latest post by Blind Sniper

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Does anyone hate Lee?

Latest post by Blind Sniper

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Scott Gimple explains the season 6 ending

Latest post by alexgo

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Latest post by BetterToSleep

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Questions (This might contain possible spoilers)

Latest post by TheAutisticGamer

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Latest post by bigdogg0821

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What would be, your perfect season 3.

Latest post by HiggsBoson2142

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I need some help

Posted by mommieoftwinboyz

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The Problem with Cannibals

Latest post by ApolloRising

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'Last Day On Earth' Episode Discussion (90 min Ep.)

Latest post by ShaneGrimes

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Which actress would be most fit for Alpha's character? (Comic spoilers)

Latest post by Anonymer

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