CSI Fan Art Thread

I was listing all of the fan art threads, and noticed that a few franchises were neglected, and CSI was one of them. Since I'm a fan of CSI during the Gil Grissom years, and I actually had created fanart for Telltale's CSI games, but neglected to create a fan art thread for it when I did, I thought I'd correct that mistake and show Telltale's CSI games a little love now.

I did a Gil Grissom card on the 3 of Diamonds for the Telltale Deck 'o Cards Project back in March 2012. There's still a lot of cards available and a lot of characters from all of Telltale's franchises available if you want to join in the card making fun! The more the merrier! The full-size card is available at my deviantArt page on my deviantArt page here.


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