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Will you watch All 3 Movies before the game comes out?

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Well would you watch the 3 movies to prep yourself for the new game? unless the new game will be based on the first movie, just how Indiana Jones and the last Cursade was...if so do you think it will spoil the gameplay or help relive the moments

ill certainly watch the movies before playing the game,i dunno if anyone knows but Bttf 2 and 3 were shot back to back

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  • @Jtucker1789 said: No, no, no no...I think I speak for everyone when I say that I would rather have a less believable explaination for why the Delorean is back than having the Time Train with no Delorean at all. Back to the Future = Marty, Doc, Biff, Delorean and some form of trouble in the past/future...;)

    Eh, don't speak for me. I do think Dangerzone's idea could've worked well. I don't mind that we've got the Delorean now depending on how it's handled. I, for one, wouldn't be as happy with a "less believable explanation" (and I would be rather disappointed if we don't interact with the time train in the game).

  • Of course I'll watch them again before the game comes out. I'll watch them for every and any reason I can! I think I'm gonna watch the first one tonight actually...

  • @Molokov said: That would create a paradox - the DeLorean buried in the mine has to stay there so that Marty can dig it out in 1955. If they'd dug it up in 1885 /after/ Doc had written the letter, then used it to get back to the future, then it wouldn't be there for Marty to travel back to 1855 in the first place... hence paradox.

    See, there's a logical explanation for everything :) Even when there's inconsistencies, just explain them away in your own head :)

    This is very true.. if they used this time machine I guess that would mean that Doc would completely disappear? seeing as though Marty won't be able to go back to 1885 to save him anymore.
    This begs the question though. Where does the Delorrean come from? How is is possible to use the same one, without causing a paradox?

  • @Armakuni said:
    Spoiler -
    One thing I found a bit odd in the third movie is... now they they know how Doc will die, how could it be so hard to avoid that? They could simply move somewhere else or hide out on that day... or something like that?

    Also, wouldn't the other DeLorean still be where Doc hid it originally? In addition to the one out of fuel? Why not just use that one?

    Anyone else find it humorous to see a 'spoiler' tag for a 20 year old movie? :p

  • Just watched part 1 yet again tonight. God I love that film. Spreading out the trilogy this time but will get parts 2 & 3 (and probably 1 again) re-watched before the game comes out.

  • I finally got time to watch the first movie yesterday and the second one today. We're slowly approaching the release date (I hope) and I was afraid I would not find time to watch these again. It should not be too difficult to find some time for the last movie.

    I watched these in English as the last time I watched them, it was the French version.

  • I imported the UK SteelBox edition and got it in today. :D
    It has Turkish and Japanese audio tracks too!!!!!!
    I am going to watch BttF1 in turkish(my second mother language):P

  • I loaded up the dvd stacker with all 3 movies on new years day 2010. Perfect hangover cure! Haven't watched them I'm thinking of making it an annual tradition, only this year, it will be all 3 movies directly followed by the game :) Can't wait!

    Has anyone got the bluray collection yet? It's under my Christmas tree...any opinions?

  • ^
    I have the Blu-Ray Collection. So far so good. I got the UK version with the steelbox.
    I recommend getting the special edition because it comes with tons of extra's. Among my fav are the Newspaper articles and the BttF1 photo which changes when you move it.
    There are tons of special features on the discs.
    Some deleted scenes I hadn't seen yet.
    I can't say much about the movie itself. It looks great and sounds great. I don't have an HD tv but I think it looked somewhat sharper(again not good in distuingishing such things). I could see the make up more clearly with Strickland.

  • I'm watching "Piranha (2010)" right now, and beside that the movie is some cheap fun it's pretty hillarious to see Christopher Lloyd playing some science biologist expert and acts similar as in BTTF. It gets even funnier because Elisabet Shue is there as well.

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