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Nintendo 3DS

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Hi Guys

What do you think about the 3DS. Is it awesome or absolute rubbish.

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  • @coolsome said: Does anyone know if WWE All Stars is any good on the 3DS I have the ps3 one but the 3DS one is quite cheep.

    It's rather crappy. Save your cash. Might I suggest preordering Zero Escape instead?

  • Star Fox 64 3D has axis tilt controls thing (I don't know the term). But its impossible to use and keep the 3D effects.:P

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    ArthurV Telltale Staff

    I really enjoy my 3DS. Most of the QA pit is in love with the silly Find Mii game, and collecting puzzle pieces. We have nearly all the hats/pieces at this point. Kid Icarus was fantastic. My favorite sleeper hit for the machine had to be the extremely underrated Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars. If you're a turn-based tactics nut like I am, this is must play (at least until Fire Emblem or a new Advance Wars comes out). I'm looking forward to the new Paper Mario, and hopefully a localization of Phoenix Wright vs Prof Layton.

    My Mii is currently rockin' the Famicon hat.

  • I got a 3DS, although I haven't had much luck passing people with it either in France or in California. Still got a few of them, but not as many as you'd expect.

    Lately I've mostly been using it as a pedometer, and to buy more tiles for the pictures. When I go back to Cali, there are a couple of people I now I'll be able to trade tiles with, but for now in the past few months I've been gathering them all on my own.

    Looking forward to Paper Mario for sure, it's the game that made me want a 3DS to begin with. Although I have to say while I was in the US, I ended up using it a LOT for Netflix. My computer doesn't play the vids nearly as well as the 3DS does.

  • I've been quite successful with mine. I've got over 50 hits. I only ever got them on the way to college (in an overgrown town that should be a city) though. I'll probably take it with me when I go to Paris in a couple of weeks.

    I've also racked up a fair few just from walking into game stores and things.

  • You're going to Paris? Do you want to hang out? We can trade pokemon and tiles and stuff.

  • @Avistew said: You're going to Paris? Do you want to hang out? We can trade pokemon and tiles and stuff.

    I would love to, but our schedule is very tight. We're only there for 3 days, one of which we spend in Disney, and we lose a lot traveling to/from paris too. Nice idea though.

  • Is Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater good on the 3DS?

  • @coolsome said: Is Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater good on the 3DS?

    I played the demo and found it dull. But then again, I've never played any of the games, and I hate stealth type games, so those may be factors.

  • @coolsome said: Is Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater good on the 3DS?

    Naw, it's quite choppy performing and awkward. You'd really want the circle pad pto to play it with a decent control scheme as well, using the face buttons for the camera leaves a lot to be desired.

    If you've already played it give it a miss and buy the HD version if you must replay and have the means to. It's still MGS3 so it's still a good game, just not so hot a port.

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