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Episode 1 vs Episode 2?

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Thoughts? Personally I liked Episode 2 better. The jokes made me laugh, rather than smirk. The villian had more personality and life, and the third party characters were hilarious (Bosco is by far the best, but Hugh Bliss was good). The whole episode was shorter it seemed, but I wouldn't say the difficulty level was any different. The trickiest part for me took 5 minutes to figure out instead of 4. What I like best is the scenery, the whole television studio set had this darker bizarre aura that gave the true feeling of a Sam and Max game, kinda like some of the locations in HTR. Maybe its just the nostalgia kicking in, but I felt like I was in Rubacava in Grim Fandango. Episode 1 has the outside of the creepy theater clinic, but you dont spend much time there and its all laughs and giggles and organs inside, not nearly wierd enough.

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  • I'd say it's better. I found that episode 1 really hit its stride when it moved away from the street area. Episode 2 moved away from it pretty much right away.

  • @Jake said: People across the internet actually seem pretty split on which one they like more, so that's good.

    Ahaa, that's good to hear. It only shows that the average quality of the episodes is quite decent then. :)

  • @Larrin said: I'm still surprised that so many found the second episode less difficult.
    I'm beginning to think I'm just one of those stupid people that can't figure anything out.

    I'm glad that i'm atleast not the only one.
    The first episode feeled so linear that I somehow instantly knew what to do...

    I thougt that both episodes was pretty equally funny, maybe it was more really-funny lines in culture shock, but the best ones occurred in Ep2.

    but what really make me choose Ep2 is probably the superb animations, eyebrows and all that. It somehow gave the game a totally new feel for me.
    Ep2 also seems more crazy, wierd and disturbed (in a good way).

  • I pick ep. 1 over ep. 2. Ep2 was way too short and easy. But I did enjoy it though. Keep 'em coming but it would be nice to make it at least as long as the first and a little harder.

  • I don't like the Soda Poppers that much, so I vote for Ep. 3 (hoping that they don't make a comeback there yet again).

  • I think I prefer Episode 1 overall in that it feels more authentic to Sam & Max. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED the humor in Situation: Comedy. It seemed darker and more fitting of the Freelance Police's sense of humor. Not to mention it was much more self-contained and didn't rely as heavily on previous games, comics, or cartoon episodes. I was starting to get a little worried that the new series would just be Sam & Max making "remember the time..." jokes, but thankfully that doesn't seem to be the case! (Of course, the occasional throwback joke can be pretty good. Brady Culture's hair sitting in the closet? Priceless!)

    However, Episode 2 just seemed to sort of wander a little aimlessly. Sam & Max didn't seem very motivated for their cause, and nothing gave them a real reason to loathe and despise their adversary which, as we all know, is usually the only reason why they bother doing their job: For some form of satisfactory revenge against an unlikable opponent. The ending just felt sort of anti-climactic.

    But no big deal. Every so often, we all have our off days, and the comedy business is no exception. You get a dull episode now and then, but then get a hysterical one later to make up for it!

  • I preferred Episode 2 for a few reasons:

    - I thought it was funnier.
    - I thought it was slightly longer.
    - I liked the change of scenery.

    That's all I have to say.

  • EP2 was almost par with EP1, even though I did find it a lil'bit easier and shorter than the EP1. Both are great games, but every time I play them, I want rest of the episode to come out already :)

  • Episode 1 was better for me. I found it more difficult (I couldn't figure out how to knock out some of the Soda Poppers. I am stupid.) and was more memorable. Episode 2 lacked a really bizarre scene like in Episode 1, so I don't remember Ep2 so well. The whole thing was generally 'weird' in Ep2 (Philo, for example), though, which comes closer to the feel of the comic book so perhaps that's good. I just didn't think it was as lol-worthy as Ep1.

    Also the plot was extremely vague in Ep2. I actually forgot what the heck I was doing anyway, so I was just solving puzzles to progress, not to actually reach any goal. The skinbody part kinda threw me off, since it didn't have any kind of relevance at all.

    I am looking forward to episode 4 because the title of that one is pretty awesome.

  • Episode 2 made me laugh more, but episode 1 seemed better structured to me, and I liked the fact that you had a villain, and in the best Conroy Bumpus tradition too. Sybil in episode 2 was essentially a victim, and you didn't get the feeling that you were having a "climatic showdown" at the end. I hope episode 3 brings that back.

    As far as lenght and challenge go, I thought they were pretty much the same which is a good thing since it shows consistency.

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