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Uncensored Swears in this game are a BAD IDEA.

posted by Gumbyfan on - last edited - Viewed by 860 users

PLEASE, Admins, Shut-Down my topic here... I want to avoid confusion.
(if this is still open, read the edit at the end of this post.)

I just found on H.R. Wiki that this game will have UNCENSORED swears!
Also, I have browsed Penny Arcade Adventures comic and Tycho often uses the "F-bomb" and other very bad words.
We need to think of the younger fans here. Just think: "They come for Strong Bad and get the F-bomb...often."
This game must have a "No m-rated words" option in settings or I will not buy it.

EDIT: It has been confirmed by TTG Admins that this game, The Inventory, WILL HAVE censoring of swears after all. As for the HR wiki page, it has been edited with this info with in the last five minutes.
Thank you all very much for this surprisingly fast response.
And as for "making waves", as it were, I am sorry.
I simply wanted to make sure that the kids that play this game in the future would be alright.
Thanks again.

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