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Rate the Last Game You Finished

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Title says it all. Rate the last video game you completed.

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future - 9.5/10

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  • Yeah, I couldn't even stand watching someone else play the game in a Let's Play. Like the beginning where you play the little girl was cool and creepy, but once you took over playing the grizzled middle-aged man (like every other game ever), I stopped being interested. I'd really like to play an apocalypse-type game where you play a little girl through the entire thing. I think it would really give a fresh take on an apocalyptic world as well as providing more challenging gameplay (since a little girl would likely not be suited for cover-based shooting... or any kind of shooting, really).

  • Well I wasn't even impressed by the kid part because I knew what was going to happen. I didn't care how it happend but I certainly know that kid was not the one from the cover so. I guess she goes to candyland and dances with unicorns over a rainbow. Right?

    I saw the whole thing and I was so bored by it all. and then the last 2 hours hit and had 90 minutes of a great game in there somewhere. And then the end turned to shit again.

  • I knew she was going to die, but when the player is actually controlling her, that was the most interesting part of the game. I wish the entire game had been playing that kid. Have the dad get shot for a change.

  • I sent you the part where the game becomes incredibly good for a while in a Pm. The problem is: This stuff works even without the horrible 12 hours leading up to it. But it being close to the end might help some forget about the rest.

    They could have set up the world without the daughter part. Just start after it and then cut out 9 hours of unimportant filler until they reach the university and play that out the way it was. They could have gotten it all in there and it would have been a way better game.

  • Maybe someone will make a fan cut or something that does that. I honestly would enjoy the bit you showed me way more than the two hours I watched. I've had it with grizzled middle-aged white guys. It takes something special about them to make them interesting anymore.

  • You play as Ellie quite a bit during Winter

  • Thank you for explicitly revealing the part we were trying to keep vague for the sake of people who haven't played the game yet. I'm not sure they would have gotten it otherwise.

  • I was just saying, no need to be rude about it

  • It's generally common courtesy when talking about twists and spoilers, especially majorly gamechanging ones in the presence of people who have already stated not having finished the game yet... to wrap 'em in spoiler tags.


  • Shadow Warrior - 6/10

    Out of the big three games that use the Build engine... this is easily the weakest. The level design is spotty, the combat is utterly unforgiving, the main character gets annoying quick and while it may be technically impressive it doesn't really does anything all that great with what it has outside of a few brief sections.

    Duke Nukem was better, Blood was WAY better... this was just 'meh'.

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