Blue cardboard in 301.

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Not sure if this has been elaborated on, but what is the deal with the nutri-specs lincoln mystery? is that a memory slip for 305 or somthin?:confused:


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    I've always wondered what that was... According to Sam it's something really, really horrible. :eek:
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    According to the people who played the PS3 version, you get a secret item that disappears in your inventory and is impossible to find, once you use Nutrition Specs on Puddin' head Lincoln.
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    That's because Max picks it up. Not Sam.
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    splash1 wrote: »
    According to the people who played the PS3 version, you get a secret item that disappears in your inventory and is impossible to find, once you use Nutrition Specs on Puddin' head Lincoln.

    You need to pick it up for a trophy! :D
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    Intrigued by this thread, I decided to do some memory editing. Turns out, a bunch of stuff runs on LUA scripts (such as deciding when to activate certain powers). But that's not important. What's important is that I managed to figure out a way to get the NutriSpecs working on a PC. The process I followed to get them working follows the video:

    If you want the short version, scroll down some more. This part covers how I tackled the problem. In case you feel like doing something similar later and wanna be a computer haxxor! Okay, kidding about that. But it's still interesting stuff if you're into programming. You'll need to know something about computers to glean any info off it, though.

    So! I started off by loading up a game part way though the first episode. I figure that the way they implemented the powers is through an enumeration (programming term) that defines which power is currently active. So, for example Teleportation is 0 and Future Vision is 4 (first and fifth on the wheel respectively). I do some memory searching and find 3 variables that could possibly be the numbers I'm looking for. They all turn 0 when I do teleportation, and they all turn 4 when I do future vision. I check this multiple times.

    So I try locking them into another value, like say 3 (which is where nutrispecs would be on the wheel (green)). The game crashes. Well, darn. After a few minutes of this, I find that this just isn't working. So I continue on. Although, before we do, I modified some memory that didn't crash the game. When I went back, I found that when I hovered over Sam, the game said "Use thingy with Sam" however, I clicked on a toy and then the game didn't say that again. I wonder what causes "thingy" to appear?

    Noticing the string type, I start searching for random things. I eventually come across an interesting half-string. It was something like " "Web Alley"] = true;" I figured "Alley" is the name of the location of where you get the NutriSpecs. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out a way to actually edit the currently available locations to travel to. So that was busted.

    So, I just tried searching for "nutritionspecs" and found a few strings, none that looked useful. So I tried "NutritionSpecs" and then "NutriSpecs" and found a listing "NutriSpecs_Activate" and figured that all the toys have a "_Activate" command. So I looked and searched for "FutureVision_Activate" It found a few things. I tried changing it to "NutritionSpecs_Activate" and went into the game. Tried clicking on the future vision and...nothing happened. But at least it didn't crash! So that was something. However, the game was already beyond repair since the memory I edited overwrote some what I think were important things and I couldn't get FutureVision to work again. Restart the game.

    SO (I start a lot of sentences with "so" just look up) this time, I replaced FutureVision with NutriSpecs and there we go! Fraps it, youtube it, post here. If you want a short version...

    1. Download a memory editor. For this, I used Quick Memory Editor because it was the first thing Google turned up.
    2. Start the memory editor and Sam & Max (probably any episode from Season 3, but I did the first episode since I KNOW it works there).
    3. (Optional) Make Sam & Max Windowed. This helps when you're alt-tabbing between programs.
    4. Load a game. (This isn't strictly needed since everything's loaded at the menu. But you're gonna want to test it out, no? ;) )
    5. Alt-tab to the memory editor and click "Add Task" and double click the Sam & Max executable. (It'll have an icon)
    6. In the "Search Value" box, enter "MaxPsychicPowers" and under DataType, select "String" then click Search
    7. You'll see a list of items. Right click on "MaxPsychicPowers_Teleportation_Activate" and click "Hex-edit"
    8. Don't Panic. (TM) On the right-hand side of the window, you'll see a bunch of letters and symbols. The first letters should be "MaxPsychicPowers" followed by "_Teleportation_Activate" on the next line. Click on the T in "Teleportation" and enter on the keyboard: "NutriSpecs_Activate"
    9. What you typed should have gone onto the third line. The third line now reads "vateate.(1/4). " and some more symbols.
    10. On the LEFT HAND SIDE now, it should say "7661 7465 6174 6500 etc." with the "7661 7465" in red with a yellow background. Change "6174 6500" to "0000 0000"
    11. On the toolbar, click "Hex-Edit" and click "Apply Changes"
    12. Go back to the game. Open Sam's power bar, click on Teleportation and voila! You are now using Nutrispecs!
    13. To go back to normal, just restart the game. Saving does not make this permanent. You have to do this each time you start the game.

    The power you change doesn't HAVE to be teleportation, however the string needs to be large enough to hold "NutriSpecs." So, for example, you can't change "CanONuts" (not that it's even in the first episode), since the length of "CanONuts" (8) is less than that of "NutriSpecs" (10).

    I fully expect everyone to go into the other episodes and see if the nutrispecs work in them as well. As for me, I'm off to bed. Have fun checking out the specs!
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