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A Petition, and Protest, Against This Game.

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This thread has been made as the start of a petition and protest against the proposed production of an adaptation of "The Walking Dead." With all of its games to date, the truly wonderful people at TellTale Games have focused squarely on games which are suitible for most, sometimes all, ages.
But, with this proposed game, TTG considers to waste part of their creative resources on producing a survive-the-zombies-and-watch-the-gore-game.
I understand that TTG is a business and therefore must consider all options. I also understand that they have already begun the game design process. However, I still post the beginning of what I hope will be a long list of people against against what might be TTG's first horrid game.
Note: The poll above is designed to show the specific, main reason that made each individual sign by posting below.

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