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Will there be a Telltale tie-in to the AMC series?

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Like, maybe we can arrange someone on the show to play Puzzle Agent or something. :)

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  • The only thing I think could conceivably fit in with the tone of the show would be something like the zombie girl from the first episode holding a Max plush or something.

  • I'd rather they didn't. But if they do, it needs to be subtle. Just something like saying the word 'Telltale.' It may be just me, but in almost every Telltale episode, someone usually mentions, "It's the tell-tale sign of a..." or use the word in a similar way. I don't know if the Telltale writers just like using the word, but it could be used in the series and not distract from what's happening.

  • How to NOT handle references in this game
    *Have people doing banang dances during the game
    *Have people playing puzzle agent on their iphones
    *Zombie Sam and Maxes.
    *Have a characters last words be "BANANG!"
    *Have marty mcfly come in his delorean where he releases he must have jacked up the timeline bigtime.

    Feel free to add more.

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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    @Gman5852 said: *Have a characters last words be "BANANG!"

    "I... I've always loved... ... ughh... ... loved... banaaang..."

  • Seriously. How is banang-as-dying-words NOT a good idea? Think about how much better Citizen Kane could have been!

  • @Jake said: "I... I've always loved... ... ughh... ... loved... banaaang..."

    Ok now I want it in game. That and want a laugh when Dashing finds it ingame:D

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    seanvanaman Telltale Alumni

    It's worth noting to all ya'll that we licensed the comics and Walking Dead rights from Kirkman and not from AMC. Although that doesn't mean we can't brainwash him to crave banang and then take that idea into the writer's room...

  • Every Telltale game must have Banang.

    In fact, you need to go back and patch every game that doesn't reference Banang and put it in somewhere.

    You only need at least one Banang reference per series, though, not per episode. I am a generous man. :p

  • Ok guys. Please reference this one photo I will post in some shape or place please.

  • Hmm telltale pitch this idea :)15.jpg

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