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What was your worst sam and max season 3 episode

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Episode 1 The Penal Zone-The start of the adventure where its up to Sam & Max to stop Skunkape a power mad space ape who is trying to take over Earth.

Episode 2 The tomb of Summun-Mak-Sam & Max come across a new toy of power for Max under their office after their last fight with Skunkape and coming across their grandfathers. Using the toy of power they go into their grandfathers memories to find out what happened.

Episode 3 They Stole Max's Brain- After returning from the bathroom, Sam finds Max without his brain in the room where they were watching the memories of their grandfathers. After some work Sam finds out it was Skunkape who stole Max's brain. After finding another brain to put into Max's body, He and Sammun-Mak save Max only for Sammun-Mak to use the power of the toybox to take over the world and leaving only Max's brain in the jar as the only one who remembers the old timeline.

Episode 4 Beyond the Alley of Dolls-Sam,Max,Skunkape, Stinky and Grandpa Stinky are trapped in Stinky's diner after a army of Sam clones chased them off in Episode 3. After finding a secret way out of Stinky's underground, Sam & Max find a huge clone factory under Stinky's. Now Sam & Max must figure out who made the clones.

Episode 5 The City That Dares Not Sleep-Max has turned into a giant monster due to the events of the last episode and now Max is destroying the city. Superball is planning a attack on Max and tells Sam that he has until 6am to turn Max to normal. Now Sam with a few friends must go into Max and save him.

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