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XBox360 Controller recommended for Windows version?

posted by pgr on - last edited - Viewed by 3.9K users

I played the Windows version intro and I wondered if my XBox360 controller is the best option here as the gameplay seems to add lots of quick time events.

Until now Telltale games were always best played with mouse (counts for the whole adventures genre). I am a little bit confused about what to expect here...

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  • cez24 same here pressing buttons during qte sections and nothing happening

  • @louiedog said: I've played the game with both my 360 controller and a little bit with mouse and keyboard. The controller felt much better.

    I haven't used the feature because I have both controllers, but I believe there is an option in MotionJoy's settings to emulate a 360 controller. I'd try that.

    edit: I would also like to say that it's really weird that the controller does not work in the menus.

    yeah emulating the 360 controller works now. It has worked, when I tried to play other PC games with a ps3 controller too. I didn't think it was working, but it is now. I can already tell that this game was clearly designed for a gamepad, and it enhances the experience.

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    @Cez24 said: I've just installed the game, chose gamepad in options, turn on my XBox pad for Windows and... the pad doesn't work :( Why? What should I do to play in JP with XBox pad? It worked with Back to the Future!

    I am using XBox360 Wireless controller now instead of keyboard/mouse on Windows 7 64 bit. Works without problems. No need for emulation here...

  • 360 controller is far better, imo. I have used both on this game. It was honestly developed for gamepad as primary focus.. and it feels much more natural. This is just the gamestyle, not a problem with the game itself.

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    Sinaz20 Telltale Alumni

    @Johro said: ..for the fans who get REALLY excited by Jurassic Park obviously.

    :D Dirty dirty mind.

  • Ok, so now XBox Controller works. But it works only in the gameplay - in menu I have to use mouse and keyboard :/

  • The PC controls are terrible. I think I have never been so frustrated in my entire life.
    Besides that its a great game though. Love the story!

  • The pc controls are not terrible, the interface is
    The game plays quite well with pc controls, but unlike the xbox controller keyboard does not get a nice animation of what to do, but only the first key
    And the time needed to react to the new image of 2nd key is (almost always) more then you have
    So i think its a major design flaw in the interface, not the controls
    Could be solved by showing all keys, with pressed ones fading away, and having the other keys be slightly translucent to the right of the one you are to press first

    so instead of (v), (^) and (>) flashing why not (v)^)>), (^)>), (>)

    Whould make it a lot clearer what you need to do in a row, and thus less anoying

    Also at some points in the game the xbox controller bugs, and you just can't finish a repeated button event due to the bar increasing too little with each press (usualy less then a third of what it should/keyboard does)

  • I've got a problem with my wireless Xbox controller. It is connected perfectly, but in the game it only seems to recognise the start, Y and A buttons. I can pause and unpause the game with it but that's about it.

  • oh yeah, I really recommend playing with the xbox 360 controller since there are alot of rapid button pressing events and sudden button pressing events. Good luck with the game!

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