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King's Quest V: Your Retrospective Review

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I did a similar series of threads at another forum, and I always start with KQV (as it's my favorite) and then work backwards and finally forwards. Looking back at KQV, how did you feel about it then, and how do you feel about KQ5 now, both in terms of KQ, adventure games, and games in general? Where does KQ5 stand on your list of favorite KQ's?

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    @Blackthorne519 said: Yeah, yeah. One little insult, and you get moderated! I tell you: THIS IS NOT THE INTERNET OF MY YOUTH!

    Yup, insults are always off limits. Who would have thought.

    It's a privilege to have a forum without a fucking swear filter. In other words, this IS the internet of your youth! And we'd like to preserve that privilege by drawing a sharp line between "swear" and "insult".

    But that just FYI. Carry on.

  • This forum is being censored now? I think we're all big boys and girls here and can handle it if apologies are swapped (which I believe they were). I don't think censorship here is warranted. But whatever, I'm no mod. This place has certainly changed, though.

  • Eh, it's okay. I did refer to our beloved doppelganger, MtnPeak, by an offensive pet name. I'm fiery sometimes.


  • It's a privilege to have a forum without a f%*^#@g swear filter.

    The irony springs to mind that your post includes a word, that was far more offensive than that Blackthorne said.

    Blackthorne's 'insult' was actually juvenile, and hilarious (you gotta realize ol Blackbeard's generally not serious about anything).

    But there are 'degrees' of 'offensiveness'!

    Note: I've self filtered just in case someone comes along and decides that such words shouldn't be included in the future!

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    Obviously, I was raised by a naughty wizard.

  • What did I miss? I always get here too late and miss the good stuff.

    About KQ5, here is a funny KQ5 game review (by a video editing team called The Excalibur Bros) that I enjoyed:

    And here is an entertaining, abbreviated play-through of the game by the same people who did that review:

    Many of you hardcore KQ fans have probably already seen these, but, if you haven't seen anything by TheExcaliburBros before, their stuff is definitely worth a look!

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    Jennifer Moderator

    So, I finally finished King's Quest V. I started it off and on for years, but never got too far because I was turned off by Cedric's voice actor. I've finally decided to finish it though, and I'm glad I did.

    I was ultimately able to tune out Cedric's annoyingness (mostly because he thankfully wasn't in the game much), and came to actually enjoy the game quite a bit. I liked the story, the music, and I thought the voices other than Cedric worked well (even if some of them were better than others). I also didn't mind the puzzles (even the notorious Yeti puzzle - I don't know why that one gets so much flack, the solution is a really old trope so it'd be pretty obvious even if the solution wasn't already spoiled for me through countless articles I've read over the years).

  • @Jennifer said: (even the notorious Yeti puzzle - I don't know why that one gets so much flack, the solution is a really old trope so it'd be pretty obvious

    You're absolutely right. It's really one of the more obvious puzzle solutions in the game, frankly. I think the real problem for most people stems from the fact that there are MANY ways to lose the pie before you get to that point in the game, the worst of which is the "feed the eagle" bit, which has just happened not too long before the yeti scene.

  • Do you get points for feeding the pie to the eagle? If not I would have argued that not receiving points for the things you're not supposed to use it for would have been clue enough.

  • You lose points for misusing the pie, IIRC. Eat it yourself you definitely lose points.

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