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So, how are you raising Clementine? [Spoilers]

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I didn't see a thread that asked this question, so I now ask it myself...

Personally, I'm going for a über-good Clem, who has an excellent moral compass, and who sees my Lee as someone that never steals or jabs people with pitchforks - admittedly, that means she's not very pragmatic, but at least I'm not a monster in her eyes.

I changed my mind after doing some thinking (that thinking being influenced by some of the posts here) and rerolled my game completely - ultimately, the only changes that affected Clem was my choice to steal from the car. It hurt to do it but I decided that she needs to learn that survival comes before anything else. However I also tried to instill in her other good values - I spared the brothers, tried to save Larry, etc...

So, basically, what choices did you make concerning Clem/when she was present? Also, what word did you teach her in the barn? I taught her manure, like a responsible father-figure (with a badass voice) :D

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