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The cause of the zombie apocalypse?

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Anyone have any ideas what could have caused it? I know Kirkman has said he won't reveal it but when can still guess right? :)

i think its something religious, only because they mention religion many times in the comics and TV show

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  • i don't know what it is, but i know what it isn't. it isn't viral, due to the fact that viruses alter genes, which would give evidence for the CDC to speculate and track back to its source. it has to be something that preserves dead flesh, and thus has to permeate nearly all of the body, and thus is unlikely to be bacterial or fungal (skin contact of dead flesh isn't problematic, yet a bite is). nanomachines need power, the undead last for quite sometime without intake, so it is unlikely to be nanomachines. radiation doesn't have 'special' effects on things, so it probably isn't radiation. prions reproduce via proteins, and so there would be a deficiency in some type of protein world wide across a day or two, so it probably isn't prions. not much left that it could be, so science wise it would have to be pretty multitiered (radiation that caused a type of prion, that reproduces in decaying tissues of the brain, triggering certain centers of the brain to hunger for flesh while reanimating part of the brain, creating a preservative that is also a nerve toxin). so ya, probably not something like that.

  • @jamoecw said: i don't know what it is, but i know what it isn't. it isn't viral, due to the fact that viruses alter genes, which would give evidence for the CDC to speculate and track back to its source.

    If a virus is highly communicable and incubates until the host dies, the disease might be out of control before anyone decides a quarantine is necessary.

    What I wonder is, how did so many people die so quickly? At first there would be only a few zombies, which should have been easy enough to dispatch before things got crazy.

    In a city of a million people, about 20 people will die every day. Imagine 20, or 40, or 60 zombies in a city of a million people. Those things wouldn't last, not at all.

  • I think its a virus spreading trough the air that everyone breeds thats how everyone is infected . Also the virus is weak so for the person to turn it makes sense that they have to be dead otherwise the human body defense thingy can protect itself from the virus and the virus takes control of your brain if your dead because you cant defend yourself.
    If you get bit the virus slowly gets stronger your body can no longer protect itself from it.

    Thats my theory its a virus created in a lab that spreads trough air that was acidently let out by cientists.

  • Kirkman wanted to create fictional characters that we will grow extremely attached to and allow us to feel the mourning of a loss of a loved one...even if he is was written.

  • I remember an episode about aliens.. the Aliens spread this virus to kill us all and steal our water.

    This episode was a dream of Rick.. i don't think it's cannon but it was fucking awesome.

  • @ommmnomnomnom said: Withholding information, especially how the za started is terrible, Lost did all that bullshit, it isn't mysterious and it isn't interesting.

    Exactly. The most frustrating thing for me is how the characters, both in the TV show and the game never talk about it. Apparently to them it's irrelevant why everyone is turning into a zombie.

    The most satisfying reason to me would be a mad lonely scientist who wanted to destroy mankind and created a virus, and then they make him the antagonist in a later season/game. :cool:

  • This is my little's brother theory (he's ten):

    He says someone dropped some sort of substance to the soil, it got absorbed by the trees. Through photosynthesis the trees created contaminated oxygen. That oxygen was processed into equally contaminated carbon dioxide (by humans) which was later absorbed by other trees. People started to get the virus but showed no symptoms of any kind, that was until somebody died, came back as a zombie and started to chew his way out, bringing with him more and more walkers.

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