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Why is Sam & Max Steam only in the Indie Royale?

posted by Sir Primalform Magnifico on - last edited - Viewed by 273 users

Why is Sam & Max Steam only in the Indie Royale when all the other games have DRM-free versions? Even the previous Telltale games in IndieRoyale bundles have had DRM-free/Desura options (Puzzle Agent, Hector).

I'd really appreciate it if you'd add a DRM-free version of TDP to the IndieRoyale.

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  • It's not too late to add the game to Desura properly. It's in all the bundle purchaser's Desura libraries, but at the moment it's just a shortcut to Steam.

    The developers of Tobe's Vertical Adventure initially only added the game to Desura as a Steam key (like Sam & Max is) but later upgraded it to the DRM-free version.

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