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Please bring the rest of S&M Season 3 to IPad

posted by ryannumber1gamer on - last edited - Viewed by 900 users

Please Episode 2-5 to Ipad. We seen Season 2 get ported over and we also seen the rest of Tales of Monkey Island finally come to Ipad (and Iphone) But there's still 2 other TTG seasons that still needs to be finished which is Wallace & Gromit's grand adventures (For some reason only Ep 2 is out on Ipad) and S&M Season 3 which only has Ep 1 out. Please comment in this thread if you guys agree that the rest of the series should come out. Also i want TTG's games to be ported over to Android but right now i think they should finish their series that's not been finished on Ipad.

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