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What was your favorite scene in TWD?

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My personal favorite is when you first enter the Store in Macon, there are so many things going on, it makes you feel like you're really there, trying to calm people down, and it's so much fun telling off larry and lilly.

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  • there were sooo many:
    Vernon's offer: Lee: I've been through more with that girl, than you can imagine... anyone,... who tries to get between me and her is gonna wind up DEAD, u HEAR ME!?

    or in the drugstore: Lee: NO, you don't TOUCH that boy, you don't TOUCH anybody. I've got a little girl i'm trying to protect here too. You want to get violent you old fuck?! Well, COME ON... you better have a plan to kill me though, because it's ME before ANYONE ELSE in here.

    then the ending scene of course, don't have to say anything about that, do I?

    the nightmare in the RV.

    and basically everytime Clem says something / or is - sweet: like when she shoots her first gun *EEEEEEEK* or *...this time we're the cookies*

    and everytime the game is funny, which is a whole lot too.

    hard to pick but... i'd say teaching Clem to shoot, I liked that part veeeryyy much.

  • I enjoyed pretty much everything that happened this season, but three scenes in particular stand out above the rest for me.

    1) The whole confrontation with Andy St. John during the episode 2 climax, and the punching scene was pretty satisfying until Carley told me he has enough.

    2) The scene on the street during episode 4 when you first encounter Molly, especially if you time the sequence correctly and knock her down.
    Also, everything involving Molly, she really grew on me.

    3) The final scene with Lee and Clementine, the feels man, the feels. :(

    Honorable mention:
    I really had hopes that Ben would do something epic for the group to make up for all of his mistakes. When he blows up and Kenny during episode 5 (assuming you didn't let him die in episode 4) really hit how people would feel during the whole Zombie Apocalypse. More feels, more feels.

  • Okay, Okay. My favorite scene is after talking to Kenny 5-6 times he says something about Randy Tudor (Can't remember exact words)

    (Talk to Kenny 5-6 times at the scene with the dead couple in the bed to get it.) When I heard it I was like, WTF? O.O also any scene where kenny says something

    "I'll ring their motherfuckin' bell for 'em!"

  • My favorite scene was when you run into Vernons group for the first time and choose to be evil. the dialog is hilarious.

    Another great scenes was obviously the finale with Clem. And the whole scene in the meat locker in EP2 was pretty cool.

  • @dubesor said: My favorite scene was when you run into Vernons group for the first time and choose to be evil. the dialog is hilarious.

    Yeah saw that one, made my day :D "my friend here asked you a question..."
    -subscribed btw. will there be more stuff like "scumbag lee", or other twd stuff?

  • Naw, most likely no more TWD stuff, at least not anything until season 2 comes out. I have kind of overplayed it for now. But I will continue doing compilations my next project will be a huge one with me going more into editing dialog, currently working on improving my sound editing skills (thus far I had close to zero except for Leedacris vid). Might be a couple of weeks until done.

  • Whenever I had to save Clementine, I liked those scenes in retrospect.

    And she puts down her food instantly and gives me such a cute look

    "Clementine let me fix your boo-boo"
    And she still looks so cute!

    Clementine, you have to shoot me...

  • Depends on what favourite scene means

    The best scenes were the emotional such as Larry...
    and Doug...
    and Lee...
    But those are scenes that were brilliant but I wish never happened
    Scenes I actually enjoyed was Doug and his laser pen

  • @ZeroShoot said: [...]-subscribed btw. will there be more stuff like "scumbag lee", or other twd stuff?

    Thanks man, appreciate it. But make sure to check out mans1ay3rs videos, he is awesome and 1000x better than I am with his videos: twd gamer poop #1, twd gamer poop#2

  • Episode 2 when lee yells "It's OVER!" to Andy ST John and then kills him and walks away saying let's go like a badass. Plus the kenny and ben death scene and the final scene. Hard to pick there was so many great moments!

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