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lees wife

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I've always wondered who lees wife was. Telltale could have at least gave us a name. I've just wondered who she was this whole time with this thinking i came up with a far-fetched theory maybe lees wife is michionne

Evidence(Far Fetched)
1. Michionne said that she had and Ex-Husband. The zombies with her were her boyfriend and his best-friend.

2. Michionne was a lawyer and sometime that means you have to travel around the state to settle cases and etc. She could have developed a relationship with him while they were working on a case(we do see how michionne is with men)
3. She said she had two kids but by the look (I know looks) you can tell she’s never had a child.
Was bored so came up with this don’t judge :P TT just give us a name. (spelled her name wrong but i dont care)

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