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  • I bought the whole season, and once I got to Episode 203, the alleged "no disco on the dancefloor" bug (no music where the zombies are supposed to dance to my epic subzero sound effects) was there. The OS, of course, is Windows XP 64-bit.

    At first I thought it might be something wrong with my computer, but since all the other games I play run flawlessly (with sound and the works), including all the previous S&M games from Telltale, it couldn't be it. I bought the Season 2 DVD without really knowing wether or not the bug had been fixed. Reading this thread confirms it, they didn't get it done in time.

    Now, it's been over 2 months since the DVD became available and it's closing in to a year since I bought season 2 (on feb 2009), but there's still no word on how to get this cleaned up.

    So...I threw an email to support and got a reply from someone named will:

    [quote]Hey Bakkelun,

    Yeah, we have heard this problem before with 64 bit users. We are currently working on a fix, but I don't know if it is a few weeks or a few months from being done (our schedule is a bit overloaded at the moment). Unfortunately, I don't know of any workarounds for it either. If you would like a refund, please let me know and I can arrange that for you. For the record, this problem will happen intermittently throughout the rest of the Season, though if I remember correctly, 203 is the most noticeable. Sorry for the inconvenience![/quote]

    I think what the affected users need are progress reports. How far are Telltale's technical team in finding the error? What has been done, what remains? Never underestimate the power of frustrated users.


  • Any plan to update S&M Season 2? I've about given up, but curious.

  • So disappointed. I have had the highest respect for TTG as a company, but it's waning. I honestly would have expected to be able to play S&M on my 64 bit OS and hear the music by now.

    It's not an issue of "I havn't played this game yet since you haven't fixed the audio issue." It's more a matter of wanting to replay them on my main gaming rig, not on my laptop again.

    Serious drop of the ball on this one guys.

  • Was this updated at all? Seriously its been over 6 months and if its still not fixed then what the hell?

  • No, it was not. :mad:

  • Apparently this wont be news to anyone, but I can't get the game to sound properly under Windows XP. It's that machigane noise it is, and it's really annoying... A patch would be nice...

  • I've been forced to play Sam & Max season 2 through Wine on my Linux partition due to this issue. It works absolutely perfectly on Wine. What a stupidly convoluted work around.

  • @Gnome said: Apparently this wont be news to anyone, but I can't get the game to sound properly under Windows XP. It's that machigane noise it is, and it's really annoying... A patch would be nice...

    For the record, machinegun noise shouldn't be happening in any version of the build. The only thing that happens with this bug is that the background music doesn't play. If you are getting machinegun sounds, then you should probably update your drivers.

    As for this thread, unfortunately people are just too swamped to make this one happen. The problem is that the differences between the game engine today and the game engine a year ago are pretty vast. Attempting to build new versions of Season 2 results in a lot of new problems that unfortunately we don't have the manpower to fix while 3 or 4 other projects are going on at the same time. I haven't given up hope yet, but I'm afraid you will see new games and platforms getting the attention first.

  • I hope the Telltale team find this interesting or even useful. Windows 7 x64 RC appears to not have the issue my Windows XP Pro x64 was having with the music audio. The system build is the same as its been for some time, just changed the OS. I'm not certain why the music works in Win 7 x64, but it appears to work just fine.

    I loaded up Night of the Raving Dead and used the save I had at the dance floor. The music audio was fine there. I haven't gone through and replayed them all, but this episode had the most noticeable point where the music was not working.

  • I've got my new Phenom II 905e, 4GB DDR3 RAM, Windows XP64. I've got similar problems. I've tried 101, 104 and 201 so far. The opening works as it should, but there is no music in the office.
    @Will said: Ok, I think I know what is going on, but I don't think there is a quick fix for it. Really short version is that it has to do with the on-board audio that both you and Derwin have.At first, I also thought, it must be the crappy on-board sound, but then, I installed my M-Audio Delta 44 which worked fine for years in my old PC, and I even disabled on-board sound. I've also updated DirectX, but I'm still experiencing the same problems.

    Concerning disabling sound accelleration: @Will said: I just tried that. It actually worked, I got music. However, I also got a weird machine-gun like sound when Max walks around and when entering and exiting the menu and when changing settings in it. There was no anomaly when Sam walks around.Same here.

    I also tried to set the Windows compatibility mode to "Windows XP" and lower, with no difference.

    Do you have a 64 bit Windows machine by now? Could you just compile a 64 bit version of the game's engine? Maybe this might fix the issue.

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