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Is anyone afraid...

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that the game will become too much like the show? Dan Conners spoke of tying them closer together in the future, and my question is what is your opinion? I wouldn't be too thrilled, for although I like the show, the game was praised so highly was because the story was a TWD story because of the setting and the adding of comic characters, but also because it was an original story that impacted gamers on a new level. I certainly wasn't expecting this game to turn out like this. I expected more of a shooter/horror game, and while their is some there, it is more of the drama aspect, which I have grown to love from TWD, and Telltale has captured immensely, moreso than the show I'd say.

I also liked it because it focused more toward the comics, not the tv series. I prefer the comics, and I think it shows better for the game. Again, my opinion. So I ask you, fans of TWD game, for your opinion!

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