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  • Well i am not playing this game since it's a ps3 exclusive but i'm watching some let's plays.
    So far i think the characters, the story and the dialogues are better in the walking dead, but the gameplay and the graphics are better in the last of us with a good story too along the way.

  • I loved The Last of Us, but even it can't beat The Walking Dead for me.

  • @Cthulhu42 said: I loved The Last of Us, but even it can't beat The Walking Dead for me.

    Yup. Great game but TWD still holds the title for a game that got me the most emotionally involved in the characters and their relationships within each other and truly cared for what happens, rather then just play what happens.

  • Well, this statement is somehow illogical, both games are absolutely astonishing but when it comes to a comparison between a point and click game with a game like The Last Of Us, they cannot be compared and TLOU isn't better than TWD and TWD isn't better than TLOU, they are different.

  • @Cthulhu42 said: I loved The Last of Us, but even it can't beat The Walking Dead for me.


  • Agree to Cthulhu42 It was a tremendous game, and it is in my personal favourite games list, as it is just god awesome, and it got really close to the Walking Dead in my opinion, buuut it can't beat it. Joel and Ellie are awesome, especially the latter, but Lee and Clem are just a tiny little bit better. All 4 are on my fav VG characters list though.
    I uh... can't wait to see if TWD S2 or TLoU gets my vote for the game of the year.

  • Haven't played the last of us don't have an x box or ps3 or anything cool just a PC, Wii and 3DS. I've seen people playing it on YouTube and I personally don't like I find it boring to be honest don't know why, I just do. The Walking Dead all the way, best zombie game I ever played well the only one I've played.

  • I liked both games,still playing Last of Us, probably my second favorite game,but like Cthulhu42 says,it cant be compared with Walking Dead witch is number one on my list

  • I don't like to compete with the two since they both belong in different genres, and as for my opinion I think they're both equally good in their own right.

  • Since I have no PS3, and cannot play TLoU, TWD wins by default.

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