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400 Days Questions...

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SPOILERS (obviously...)

Okay - I just finished 400 Days...

I played it in this order:
1. Vince (Shot Justin the Con Artist's foot off; Escaped with Danny the Paedo).
2. Russell (Left Nate the Lovable Psycho's side reluctantly).
3. Shel (Had the Trespasser shot; Fled with 'Becca)
4. Wyatt (Lost Rock, Paper, Scissors; Left the Cop for Dead; Stoner-Buddy abandoned me).
5. Bonnie (Killed Dee by accident; Told the truth; Left with... the guy).

In the end, Only Bonnie, Shel & 'Becca joined the other survivors; Vince, Wyatt and Russell stayed behind.
These guys were the only ones I had at the Camp.

So, I have a few questions...

Does it always end with Bonnie, Shel & 'Becca leaving, and Vince, Wyatt and Russell staying? What can I do differently to get Vince, Wyatt and Russell to go as well? Or Bonnie, Shel & 'Becca to stay?

Did you actually see anything from Season 1 come into play? I'm not sure I did... apart from talking about the boat, and Doug/Carley.

Was I playing as Clementine's Mum in the End?

Will edit this post if I have anymore questions...

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