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PS3 Disc Version Lag, will it be fixed?

posted by leandrojmp on - last edited - Viewed by 3.7K users

I'm starting another thread about this issue, cause the other one is being ignored for months.

It's know that the PS3 Disc Version of The Walking Dead doesn't work for a lot of people, it's laggy to the point that you can't play it, the XBOX version had this same problem, but it seems to be fixed for what i read.

Will the PS3 version get some fix or i should just trash it away?

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  • they dont answer anymore.. maybe they dont know how to fix their broken game.. thanks to naughty dog for making a great games like uncharted and the last of us. and they always listen to their consumer. not like this telltale company, its been months when they release their broken retail game of walking dead, ans still no fixed or solutions to the lag/stattering issues of the game... this company will fall down..

  • I don't understand why it is taking so long to get this taken care of. I bought the game last week & wasn't aware of this issue until I started playing it. The more I searched about the problem the more upset I became. First they want to blame the Playstation (How old is it? Have you ever replaced the hard drive? Do a system restore) Once that didn't work they just stopped answering altogether. They gave xbox players the option to download the game for free from the Xbox store. But I guess they forgot about us ps3 users.

  • Ditto. Please respond? Let us know you're on this? We KNOW you know there is a problem, we are NOT stupid. Please address this? Please make a statement?

  • I posted in anger something not appropriate. I will try to put it in a friendlier way:
    I am not satisfied at all with the customer friendliness of this company.
    I am looking forward to making bad publicity for this company.

  • Just bought this game for ps3 yesterday new from gamestop. Love the story, however I am experiencing annoying lag especially during crucial decision making choices leaving me with no time to answer them before they disappear. Wish i had heard about the hard disc copy issues before i bought this. Never had i imagined that a hard disc copy would perform worse than a digital download. Telltale if you read this. You have a great story, however i cannot mold my story the way i want due to lag. Please fix this with an update.

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    Please make sure to be connected to a strong internet connection when starting the game. Also, how old is your ps3? Have you made sure to get the latest patches and updates for the game?

  • Good afternoon,

    The free download version plays without lag which caused me to buy the retail disc. The retail disc is laggy. I have made sure I have the latest patches and updates for the game --- the DLC went up to 1.8? (rejogging from memory) but the patch for the disc was only until 1.3.

    When will a fix be in play? My internet connection is good, my PS3 is a year and a half old. I do not think it's my PS3. 250 gb maybe 200 gb free?

    Thank you for your response. I do feel duped by offering a good experiencing in the downloaded first episode only to get swindled out of a playable game in episode 2.

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    I apologize for the inconvenience. Minor hitching during loading and autosaves may be experienced, but major hitches or lagging during gameplay is abnormal. Can you please clarify if you have the Super Slim PS3? If you do, there is a known issue that affects a large number of games. Sony has identified that the initial release of these models could come with a bad hard drive. If you have a Super Slim PS3, please contact Sony Support to determine if you are affected by a bad hard drive. If you are, they can assist you with replacing the drive or the console.

    If this does not resolve your issue, please test your disc on another console. If the disc works fine on another console, the issue is not the disc. If the issue is still occurring for you, please let me know and I will try to assist you further.

  • Thank you for your response, TTMike.

    I have the Playstation Slim but not the "Super Slim."

    I have not tested this on another PS3 and would need to find another person with one, which may personally take me a little while. The disc looks pristine however, no scratches or physical flaws.

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