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    marioluigi344 BANNED

    @Bioshock Infinite WD said: He is my bro to, and there is nothing that will ever make me love Lilly, I would rather stab myself to death with a pen.

    Personally, I'd rather masturbate with a cheese grater than learn to like Lilly, but if it were something that the fans demanded, I would be okay with it if telltale brought her back since she received no closure. So, if I can think that way, why are Lilly fans so damn stubborn about bringing Kenny back?

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    marioluigi344 BANNED

    @Zeruis said: We were teased with a image apparently showing two hooded figures sitting beside each other in the rainfall, with one appearing to have long hair.

    Perhaps It's Lilly and Clementine?

    Even though i fucken hate that bitch for what she did to Carly in episode 3

  • I agree, fuck, that, bitch, she will die.

  • @Bioshock Infinite WD said: If she comes anywhere near Clem she is dead, simple, so Lilly better not show up unless she wants to die.

    You would have to go through me first! and screw Clem and ken just bring Lilly back with Nate!.

  • Then we will dig one hole, both of you will share one grave because you really love her.

  • @Bioshock Infinite WD said: Then we will dig one hole, both of you will share one grave because you really love her.

    But it would be 2v1 so at least 1 of us would live! This war would go down to the last man!


  • I love Kenny to bits, but I wouldn't say I hate Lilly. Looking back on it, even though she shot Doug / Carley, I can't feel anything but sadness over the whole situation. I mean, she had lost a lot, and her sanity had clearly taken a hit because of it. We may not have agreed, and I certainly don't regret leaving her on the side of the road, but I don't hate her. Probably wouldn't want her back in Season 2 though (but I wouldn't throw a fit if she was.)

    The news about Kenny's fate makes me both nervous and excited (nervicited?) though. On the one hand, it could mean we see Kenny alive, but on the other, and knowing Telltale, a big part of me is terrified of seeing a zombie Kenny. I'd much rather never see him again then have to see that. I didn't cry during the game's ending (though I did come close,) but I think that might just do me in.

    My own half-hope is actually that season 2 starts off with Kenny escaping whichever situation he was in (Christa or Ben) - with us playing him. We somehow get away, or are saved (perhaps by the second person on the hill, with Kenny being one of them?) and then we play Season 2 as Kenny. If they use a Season 1 character as the PC, Kenny is the obvious choice. We know he's capable of the 'bad' choices (as most of them in Season 1 were siding with Kenny anyway) but also that he isn't a bad man, so he has the potential for good too, depending on how you played him. (And I'll be honest - I wouldn't mind seeing the Kenny haters reaction to him being the PC, either. :P)

  • I am so going to go insane because of you, what you say is not normal at all I am sorry it's the truth.

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    marioluigi344 BANNED

    I'm surprised TeamKennyAlways hasn't responded to this yet.

    Honestly, though, I'm not gonna get my hopes up, in case telltale games decides to kill off an amazing character shortly after getting me attached to them.

    Wouldn't be the first time

  • Did anyone ever tell you the meaning of Insanity? It's doing the damn thing over and over and over expecting different results.

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