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Walking Dead Game Comedy Show

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With the help of my forum friends , i decided to make a part two of my " 400 days comedy show " " Walking Dead Game Comedy Show " .
Here are the 12 sketches :
" The Urban Family " - Lee , Clementine and Carley .
" Kenny's Adventures of Boats and Ducks " - Kenny , Katjaa and Duck .
" The Incredible Asshole and his Incredible She-Bitch Daughter and her boyfriend " Larry , Lilly and Mark .
" The MacGyver of Macon " - Doug .
" The Unlucky Kids " - Ben and Travis .
" Cancer hits when you don't suspect " - Vernon and his crew .
" The Tarzan of Savannah " - Molly .
" The Magical Hobo " - Chuck .
" The Save-Lots Punks " - The Bandits .
" The Innocent St John Family " The St Johns
" A man and His Missing Station Wagon " - Campman
" The Funny Guy , The Pregnant Girlfriend and The Cat " - Omid , Christa and their cat .
And that's it .
Which sketch would be the best ?

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  • This is a special episode for Ben's show , it is a dedication to all Ben fans and Ben himself .

    " The Unlucky Kids "
    " Travis-Doo on Walker Island "
    Ben and Travis are watching " Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island " and they fall asleep .
    The cast:
    Scooby-Doo - Travis
    Shaggy - Ben
    Daphne - Carley
    Fred - Lee
    Velma - Shel
    Simone Lenoir - Lilly
    Lena Dupree - Stephanie
    Detective Beau Neville - Vince
    Jacques - Nate
    Snakebite Scruggs - Larry

    The movie opens with Mystery Inc. being pursued by a green troll. After an accident with Travis, he is caught and revealed to be a counterfeiter. This is actually a re-enactment of the now-dissolved Mystery Inc.'s adventures on a television program by Carley and Lee, who are running a successful TV series (Coast to Coast with Carley). Shel has gone on and become the proprietor of a mystery bookstore, and Travis and Ben bounce from job to job, including working in customs at an airport, from which they are fired after eating all the confiscated imported foods. Since their mysteries have all involved mere crooks in monster costumes, Lee decides that Carley's show should be about tracking down real ghosts, so he gets the gang back together for a trip to Louisiana.

    After encountering a lot of fake monsters, like a nerdy guy in a lobster-man suit haunting a fish factory, an old man disguised as a gargoyle, a holographic ghost and a zombie policeman that turns out to be a woman, the gang finally arrives in New Orleans. There they are invited by a young woman named Stephanie to visit Moonscar Island, the home of her employer, which is allegedly haunted by the ghost of the pirate Kenny Moonscar. Although the gang is skeptical (except for the scared/convinced Ben and Travis), they decide to go with Stephanie, on whom Lee has taken a fancy (to Carley's disapproval). On the way, Shel informs the gang that Moonscar Island has had many unexplained disappearances over the years.

    On the island, the gang meets Stephanie's employer, Lilly, a beautiful French-American; Nate, the island's ferryman; and Vince, Lilly's gardener, to whom Carley takes a fancy (to Lee's disapproval). They also meet Larry, a grungy-ill natured fisherman, and his hunting pig, Mojo. The first act is like a standard Travis-Doo cartoon, with the gang investigating and working to prove that the "ghost" is fake. Travis and Ben are chased by Mojo and end up falling into a big hole. While trying to climb out, they pull down some of the wall, revealing a skeletal arm. A mysterious green fog envelopes the skeleton, causing it to transform into the grisly zombie of Kenny Moonscar himself. While running away, Travis and Ben run into a suspicious Vince and bring everyone back to the hole, which is now, however, empty.

    Lilly invites the gang to her house to stay for the night. As the gang is dressing up for dinner, Ben sees the ghost of a Confederate colonel in the mirror; Lilly explains that the island was a temporary headquarters for a Confederate regiment during the American Civil War. Later that night, Travis and Ben eat in the Mystery Machine, so Travis wouldn't chase Lilly's cats. However, the spicy food burns their mouths and both of them rush to the lake for water. The green fog reappears and sinks into the nearby ground, causing an army of zombie called the walkers to emerge from the lake. Due to Ben's bad driving, the Mystery Machine gets stuck in a muddy bank, forcing him and Travis to flee on foot. Lee, Carley and Shel go to look for them, but bump into Vince, so they split up.

    Lee and Carley argue about each other's supposed love interest. They come across Travis and Ben trying to escape, and they also capture a walker. Lee thinks the walker is another fake, but it turns out to be all too real, and when the other walker begin to swarm them, Travis, Ben, Lee and Carley separate in panic. Lee trips on a stone, and his camera (which he used to record their investigation) sinks into quicksand, leaving them without proof. Lee and Carley reunite with Shel and Vince (Shel is now suspicious of Vince because "he is never nearby when something strange happens" and she decides to stick by him). Elsewhere, Travis and Ben discover wax dolls that look like Lee, Shel and Carley, and they play with them, causing his friends to undertake a series of involuntary actions for a short time until they leave after disturbing a nest of bats.

    Lee, Carley, Shel and Vince return to Lilly's house and discover a secret passage under the staircase. They find Stephanie in the passage, who tells them that the walkers kidnapped Lilly and dragged her away. Carley, Lee, Shel, Stephanie and Vince proceed down the passage and find a secret chamber for voodoo rituals, where Shel finds footprints of Lilly's heels (meaning she wasn't "dragged") and interrogates Stephanie about the story. Indeed, Lilly appears, and she and Stephanie use voodoo dolls to trap the gang in the chamber. They then reveal themselves to be evil werecats; Lilly reveals that in 1798, she and Stephanie were part of a group of settlers who made the island their home. One night, during the harvest moon, while the settlers were celebrating their successful harvest, Kenny Moonscar and his pirates chased the settlers, except for Stephanie and Lilly, into the bayou where they were eaten by alligators. A vengeful Stephanie and Lilly begged their cat god to curse the pirates. Their wish was granted and they killed the pirates, but the curse caused the duo to become werecats permanently, requiring that they drain life forces to preserve their immortality. Over the years, Stephanie lured more people to the island, and they also gave Nate immortality so they had a ferryman to bring them more victims (by this time, Nate has already transformed into his werecat form and chases Ben and Travis). The walkers - including Kenny Moonscar - were the victims they have murdered over the centuries, who reanimate every harvest moon to warn away visitors, and that they were merely trying to warn the gang to leave to prevent them from suffering the same fate they did.

    Travis and Ben accidentally tumble into the cave, interrupting the draining ceremony and distracting the werecats. Shel is quickly able to untie herself and create voodoo dolls of Stephanie and Lilly to interrupt their power. When they are finally cornered, the werecats' curse expires, causing their bodies to age hundreds of years and disintegrate, freeing the walkers' souls to rest in peace. Afterward, Vince is revealed to be an undercover police officer sent to investigate the disappearances on the island (to Shel's fascination); Lee and Carley become a couple again, and Carley offers Vince a chance to guest-star on her show and discuss the adventure. The next morning, everyone leaves the island via ferry to head back to civilization.

    Ben and Travis wake up and the movies ends , Travis says that there is no such thing as werecats and than Lilly shows up and she looks like a werecat which causes both Ben and Travis to run away . Lilly says that it's her Halloween costume .
    End of episode .

  • Lol, nice episode! I find it funny how of all the occupations Undercover Vince chose, he chose the gardener lol.

  • @Ben Paul said: Lol, nice episode! I find it funny how of all the occupations Undercover Vince chose, he chose the gardener lol.

    Justin and Danny gave him that idea . :D

  • XD these are really good, its a nice break from all the depressing fanfics and topics I been reading.

    If I may I have an idea for " The Incredible Asshole and his Incredible She-Bitch Daughter and her boyfriend " called "Spawn of the she-devil bitch" with your permission may I share it?.

  • In reply to The-wandering-Witch

    XD these are really good, its a nice break from all the depressing fanfics and topics I been reading.


    Sure , you can have my permission to do this .

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    " A man and His Missing Station Wagon " " A man and the Save-Lots" Campman goes to work again and leaves his keys in the car and the door unlocked . The Save-Lots Punks show up and steal his car .


    Can I make a fanfic out of this? Would you mind? I could give you credit...? I really like this sketch and I'm looking for some inspiration...? PLEASE.

    Edit: I was talking about "the funny guy, the pregnant girl, and the cat" the first one.

  • "The Urban Family" "Robert and Clementine"

    The episode begins at Clem's school where the teacher says that in a few weeks, the kids will play as "Sleeping Beauty." The teacher picks Robert, a handsome kid to play as Prince Phillip and picks Clementine to play as Sleeping Beauty much to her horror.

    At home, Carley is happy that Clementine is going to play as the Sleeping Beauty, saying that she loves Sleeping Beauty. She tells her not to worry because she won't be embarrassed. Clementine asks her about Lee and she says that Lee is working hard at UGA and can't catch a break.

    At UGA, Lee is sleeping on the desk until the janitor wakes him up and tells him to go home. Lee arrives home who decides to sleep on the couch until Carley wakes him up, telling him that Clemenentine is going to play as Sleeping Beauty much to Lee's horror because he doesn't want any boys to kiss her. Clementine is worried because she likes Robert and doesn't want to screw up and be the biggest loser at school.

    At school, Clementine looks at Robert and then the school's popular little girl, Jessica, shows up and mocks Clem, saying that Robert wouldn't be interested in a boring girl like her, laughs at her and leaves, making Clementine sad. At home before going to bed, Lee tells Carley that he can't make it to the school play because he has work to do at UGA but Carley begs him to come and Lee isn't so sure until Carley makes the puppy eyes at him, convincing him to find a way to get to see Clementine's performance.

    At school, they are practicing and Clementine is very nervous. Jessica insults her again which makes Clementine mad and won't prove Jessica right. At UGA, Lee tries to tell his boss that he has to see his daughter's play, but his boss tells him that he has to work or he is fired. Lee goes to Omid and convinces him to disquise himself as him so then he can go to the school play.

    At the school, the school play is about to start. Lee and Carley sit and Carley is excited to see Clementine's performance and Lee says that he has to go to the bathroom but Carley stops him. The school play begins and Clementine is playing as Sleeping Beauty and she is pretending to be asleep. Robert, as Prince Phillip shows up, says the lines and he is about to kiss Clementine and Lee can't hold it any longer and Robert kisses Clementine and everybody cheers. Carley is happy for her daughter, Lee tells his wife that he is going to bathroom and when he gets there, there are many people waiting much to his annoyance. Robert tells Clem that it was fun and Clem agrees. Carley congratulates her and asks her about the kiss and Clementine blushes, saying that it was magical and then Lee appears with toilet paper on his shoe, saying that they have to go now because he accidently peed on someone's shoe and says that person was very angry and says that he is coming after him and the family get in the car and get away while the person curses Lee for peeing on his shoe.

    "Kenny's Adventures of Boats and Duck" "Kenny and the Aliens"

    The episode begins with Kenny fishing alone at the docks. Henry mocks him, saying that he will never catch any big fishes and Kenny curses him and tells him that he knows what he is doing and Henry leaves.

    At night, Kenny is still fishing and he falls asleep on the boat. Suddenly, a huge light covers Kenny, he wakes up, he looks up and he is horrified when he sees a giant spaceship in the sky. The ship picks him up along with his boat as he screams in terror. In the ship, Kenny is scared and then the aliens show up and they look like fishes. Kenny begs them not to hurt him, saying that he will do anything and then one of the aliens give him a giant fish much to his surprise. Suddenly, one of the aliens talk in english and says that they need more fishes and want him to collect the fishes for them because he is the "Choosen One". Kenny is confused about this and the aliens send him back to his home and they leave.

    Kenny tries to tell his family about last night, but they don't believe him. Kenny goes at fishing again and he manages to catch many fishes. Henry asks him what he is going to do with so many fishes and Kenny tells about last night which causes Henry to laugh at him, saying that he is crazy and leaves. Kenny gets his camera in order to prove them about the aliens.

    At night, Kenny is still at the docks and the ship picks him up again. He gives them the fishes and in return, they give him giant fishes and they tell him that he really is the "Choosen One" and they say goodbye to him but before they send him back, Kenny takes pictures of them, saying that he wants to remember them for the rest of his live and the aliens send him back to his home.

    At home, Kenny tries to show Katjaa and Duck the photos and when he does, he discovers that the camera is empty and Katjaa and Duck still don't believe him much to Kenny's anger. In space, the aliens use the fishes that Kenny collected and they use them to destroy a giant meteor that was going to destroy the Universe. The meteor is destroyed and the aliens build a statue of Kenny and they are singing about how Kenny is the Chosen One and that he is the hero of the Universe.

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    LOL. That was funny, man. :) You should do another for Christa and Omid. I love those.


    Thanks! :)

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    "The Urban Family" "Robert and Clementine" The episode begins at Clem's school where the teacher says that in a few weeks, the kids will play as "Sleeping Beauty." The teacher picks Robert, a handsome kid to play as Prince Phillip and picks Clementine to play as Sleeping Beauty much to her horror.


    LOL. That was funny, man. :) You should do another for Christa and Omid. I love those.

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