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400 Days DLC TellTale Games Store Version Problem

posted by sjsanjose on - last edited - Viewed by 1.4K users

I have bought The Walking Dead and the Almost Everything Pack in the TellTale Games Store last June 9, 2012. I downloaded it and finished the game from episodes 1-5.

Today, almost a year passed, and 400 days was released, I downloaded The Walking Dead installer from TellTale Store again, the filename is WalkingDead100_v3_Setup.exe. I reinstalled the game and hoping Id be able to download and play the special episode 400 Days. But I cant find the 400 Days episode from the download contents menu.

My problem is how do I get to install the special episode 400 Days if its not in the download contents episode list?

Need help on this one and hoping Id get a fast response from TellTale Games.

Thank you in advance.

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