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TWD on Vita is a technical mess

posted by zombit on - Viewed by 2.9K users

I bought TWD for my Playstation Vita last night and played through the first episode. What a stuttering mess! Every time there's a transition from one scene to another the game freezes slightly. It is really impacting the experience and breaking immersion. How can such a simple game run this badly?

Did you really think that the game was in any way ready to ship in its current state? If you did, you need to take a good long look at yourselves and ask if you really take this little pride in your games. The game must be utterly terribly coded to run like it does.

I went from the simple TWD game to the technically brilliant Killzone: Mercenary and then back to TWD and I was like... wat? How can you make something this simple run like a chained snail in a pit of salt?

When can we expect TWD to be patched into an actually release-worthy product instead of this beta quality mess? It really is quite a stuttering mess. I'm waiting on feedback from Telltale!

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    Kevin Telltale Staff

    Sorry you're having problems, but there are no plans for a Vita patch at this time.

  • "I" am not having problems. The product is technically bankrupt as it stands. And you happily took people's money. Don't you guys take any pride in your work? Do you really think the Vita version is a quality piece of work with the stu... stu... stuttering all the time?

    This thread is saved and I will spread it around. Enjoy the publicity!

  • Sounds exactly like my experience with the PS3 version.

  • I agree that sometimes there is a lot of lag, esp on fast moving moments. I died a lot because of it and it was frustrating... but I still love the game. It's prob one of the best I've played in a long time.

  • So I take it that they the Telltale hasn't patched the Vita version at all? I was planning to pick this up on Vita or the 360, but if the company policy is to release poorly optimized games and not even patch them later, I'm probably gonna pass this all together.

  • TBH It's fine on my Vita. Then again I used the non-touchscreen control option.

  • Oh for fucks sake shut the fuck up zombit!

    It works perfectly on my vita and ps3, stop complaining. Its fine.

    • Relax man. It's just a question. I always google the reviews on every Vita port. And the first one I found, where all saying that it's works better in PC or the big consoles. Other comment's said that there is no difference. But all the reviews where from the the time it was released and there where NO info if it's just happen to work better for some than the other OR if it had gotten some performance patch.

      Some of the videos that I have seen, shows the screen freezing every 4 seconds AND that's bad. No matter how good the game would be otherwise.

      And because I like playing games on Vita, I could prefer the Vita version, IF IT WORKS.

      Why it's so hard to get a straight answer from this forum. Has it been updated or not? Other people say it's not good, other say it's ok. Either there is a weird fluke, that it's working better for some people that the other people, OR there has been some performance update. And the people complain who have played it when it was new. And the people who say it's fine, have played the updated version.

      So stop arguing is it a good or not and just tell me if it's on the same version as it was when it was released!

  • First of killzone merceneary, uncharted, assasin creed, spiderman all masterpieces on vita now my experience was through using vita playing walking dead s1 and ill admit it did stutter a lot surprising for game with such low gb but didn't ruin my experience and in fact became massive fan leading me to joining this site and still only game which will always have spot in my library for story alone but see where your coming from

    Question updated yes absolutely no problems at all about 3.3gb so make sure have decent memory card

    • Have to ask, what Spiderman? I really haven't played any Spiderman games, because they have gotten such a poor reviews. But I couldn't find any Spiderman tiles for Vita on European PSN Store. But if there is a good Spiderman game I would like to check it out :)

      I'm more inclined to let some gameplay or performance things slide, when the game comes from small developer. But the Walking Dead managed to get so much reputations, so it's not really that small thing anymore. So when making port's, they should really makes sure they work. Everyone has praised the Walking Dead game a lot. So I probably must play it some point, and it's under nine Euros on the PSN store, witch is much less that the Xbox 360 version is. And also I have started to really like playing games on Vita. I still have to think about witch version to buy, when/if I buy it.

      Also If you haven't checked out the Dragon's Crown yet, I highly recommend it. Not really for the other character's but the Elf alone is so satisfying to play, once you get a hand on things and have gotten few level ups. You really don't need A.I. helpers or real Co-op friends to enjoy the game. Even tough it's probably better with friends. And if the Dragon's Crown is your game, then the Muramasa Rebirth might also be. Not as good as Dragon's Crown, but still pretty good.

      • Believe me im on psn store europe in february sale for 15 euro review really put me off but bought it brilliant game probably know yourself swinging through city worth 15 euro itself really recommend it especially with lack of quality games its a must also bit challenging really fun graphics, bugs etc are a myth had no problems best purchase i made

  • I'm a PC player, but to me, it seems that TT are pouring most of their money into the PC versions of the game and making cheap ripoff ports for consoles.

    • The PC version isn't coded any better than the console versions, it just runs better because modern PC hardware can circumvent bad optimization through brute force.

      Of course, I am downvoted by clueless people regardless of the truth behind my statement.

  • 360 owner here,

    0=freezes 0=Glitches Played season 1=4x Played 400 days=10x played season 2 ep1= 3x

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