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Problem with 400 days

posted by littlemad on - Viewed by 765 users

Hi, I just bought on steam the game waiting for the wolf among us to be released, because as mac user it is not yet working. I already open a ticket on steam, because it look like that the game is not even showing on my steam list to be downloaded or installed. I just wanted to know if you anyone else have or had this kind of issue, because I realised that the DLC game doesn't even show support for MAC, and I have the atrocious doubt that this game it is not supported for MAC even if the walking dead it is.

Could you any of you suggest a way around? I kind feel bothered that on two games that I bought from your company, both of them at the moment are not working for mac. I like your products and work, and I just would like some help and explanation to how to solve the problems in the smoothest way is possible. Thank you :D

My operative system is: OSX 10.7.5 and I already own the walking dead and installed it recently.

  • is there no one in support to be able to help me or answer? I will be happy even for a just "don't know", I just would like some help and an honest answer.

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    DjNDB Moderator

    400 days also works on Mac. If you bought it on steam, it should show up in the view downloadable content window.
    If it does, you should be able to start it from within The Walking dead just like any other Episode.

    • Thx for the answer Yes, I bought it on steam and I have the confirmation code of buying it, but no, it doesn't show at all in my DLC contents and I restarted my steam many times. One note: on the steam website of your DLC it doesn't show the mac icon so I just want to let you know to inform steam about that, I suspected that could have been a problem related. Anyway, I suggest you to verify that.

      I am currently traveling for a long period so I am not in Spain where I am usually live, but I am in Turkey, I feel that could be a problem even if I bought the game from the store where I live normally and my credit card is. So it doesn't let me download. Still it show in my list as games that I bought. I know that Steam it is picky about that, but I am not trying anything particular to get discount or other things, I am just sincerely in a pinch.

      Reading the forum I was wondering if there is any way that I can download the game semi-manually like the other episodes. I believe that this is steam issue, their support still didn't answer yet and I would love to find a solution to solve the problem if you can think or suggest of one. I would love to show you confirmations codes of what I bought, and any other things that you would need to verify my identity and purchase.

      I sincerely just feel frustrated that I bought two of your games and I still cannot touch any of those, and I need some help if you can give me some.

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        DjNDB Moderator

        I am a volunteer, not a TTG employee. I am mainly here to moderate the forums, and do support because of my IT background. Therefore I can't help with shopping or account issues.
        Since it doesn't show in the DLC window, it might be a steam issue, and then steam support would have to fix it.
        The manual download is only for the version downloadable at this website.

        I can look if i can see any other possible solution if you follow the instructions to run the Support Tool and post the download link to the resulting "" to your next reply in this thread.

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