• This mysterious man has popped up so often in the series so far, I'll be bitterly disappointed if he doesn't do anything in the final episode. I mean, the man drives every single taxi! It's not that they're just reusing the character model, it's that it's literally the exact same man!!!

  • he isn't the killer he was walking out of toad's building and was in the taxi at the exact same moment at the start of the game unless he can duplicate himself it's just telltale being lazy

  • dude you have better eyes than me

  • Wow, what a great theory. I don't think he is the killer, but nice find.

  • To hell goes such elaborated and interesting theory.

    • Telltale changes their games based on community feedback. Considering they had a 2-3 month "unexpected break" between ep1 and ep2 , and the fact that they changed their game a lot ( scenes seen in " in the next episode " are not in the game anymore ) , this might have been the case-breaking theory , but they could've changed it.

  • I hate theories on these forums but I can't deny this is a very cool one. While I am sure, if not 100% positive, he has nothing to do with the story I still give you a lot of credit for gathering the info and having a keen eye for detail. However, there is no way Telltale makes him a relevant part of the story in the Episode 5 as they have never mentioned him/ gave him any importance. If he said ANYTHING or made ANY impact I would agree with you, however for the great majority of players if this guy were to have a part in the game, they would have no clue who he is.

  • I hope so. when they did the next time in twau they said something like " fable town has a serial kiler??" I thought it was great then theysided towards criminal works. I need to replay the game why is crooked man after bigby?? cuz they got to close to his worlds with the murders and he thought that they were going to find him out??

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