• Maybe we'll be able to wish either Faith or Snow back to life. Through some sort of magic I would guess, but you could only pick one

  • Though i really liked how she was built up to be Bigby's Companion. She's the Watson to Bigby's Sherlock. Then shit hit the fan.

  • I do believe Snow isn't dead, as the game is established as a prequel to the comics, and Snow is alive in the comics. Whether or not she was reborn (due to her popularity) or not, is up to Telltale.

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    fusedmass BANNED

    I think her, and the wolf make a great pair. You can tell there's that romantic tension between them, where things get awkward because they both really like each other. I'd like to see more of that.

  • My biggest thought is where are they going to go from here? They started off big - so where do they start from there?

  • Snow can't be dead. At least not if the comics and the so called "prequel" game are linked

  • No. Just No. Snow is so naive and ignorant, meh. We've seen this type of heroes like billions of times. Better Faith. She's more interesting and more intriguing character than Snow. I hope she's not dead.

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