• As far as my number one favorite? Lee. Despite largely being reliant on your choices for his characterization, it was always the bits in between that made me like Lee so much. No matter what you choose, he still loves Clementine, he's still a smart and capable guy, he's still a badass who will wade through walkers to save Clem, and so on. So, in other words, because he's badass.

    And just for fun, everyone else I like...

    Clementine: Because she's badass and the cutest thing ever.

    Carley: Because she's small. And badass.

    Lilly: Because she's badass, and yes, I maintain that even after her terrible mistake. It is possible to like a character and not condone all of their actions. Case in point...

    Kenny: Because of his badass moustache.

    Eddie: Because he's hilarious. And badass.

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    Lilly and Shel..

  • My Top: 1. Lee (R.I.P.), everyone has his flaws, he is no saint, but at least (if you played him like that) he is honest about his past. 2. Omid, shorter time than Kenny, but I love his comedic moments and the only character who actually tries to let other people forget about what's happening. 3. Kenny, yeah, he has his flaws and bossy moments. But he to cope with the most difficult situations. I look through those flaws and see a good man in the end. 4. Christa/Carley tie, Carley was a sweet girl (but maybe not always that cunning). Christa was like the best Carley replacement, except she's smarter and probably better with children. 5. Vince / Wyatt / Eddie tie, Season 2 will decide if the tie will end. I like Vince, because he reminds me of Lee somewhat. Wyatt is an interesting character, he reminds me of the Dude of Big Lebowski, just a down to earth 'hippy-like person'. And Eddie is hilarious.

    Honorable mention: Nate, not a likeable character, but likeable in an evil kind of sense.

  • My top 5 favorite characters are: 1. Clem 2. Lee 3. Kenny 4. Omid 5. Carley. Wish I could include Eddie, the dude's funny.

  • I obviously love Lee and Clem but otherwise, I really love Kenny, he's such an amazing and well developed character. He also reminds me of my dad since my dad is a redneck from Florida as well, haha.

    I also love Omid since he's such a funny and happy go lucky guy. And another character that I really like is Carley.

  • If going on a purely fanboy level, I really enjoyed Carley from Season 1. Yes yes, she's pretty and all. However, I just found her to be a really likable and noble character. She was kind, she knew how to shoot, she expressed genuine concern for others, she defended Lee when she knew he was right about something and ultimately refused to let someone else boss her around even if it led to what ultimately happened. Outside of the leads, she was the character I liked as a person the most.

    If I judge it from character development and complexity, Kenny is by far the most compelling. He can be a real dickbag at times and while I may not like him like I like Lee or Carley, he is the most explored character in the game. We both completely understand and have no idea about his motivations, as he is fickle enough to change for whatever suits his purposes. Even when he does something noble, what we've seen from him prior makes us doubt how much he did it for the person or just to suit his needs.

    And just for being purely lovable and balanced characters, it is hard to beat Lee and Clementine. We understand their emotions, they can be likable characters to people, they grow as characters through the story and so much more awesome that I can't list. They were the right choices for lead characters in this story!

    I also really liked Lilly. We obviously all hate her for one very specific reason, but like Kenny she is also a compelling enigma of a character. We think we understand her, but then she will throw a new twist that makes us want to just know 'Why?'

    And for villains, Nate is by far my favorite. I really loved the way they handled the "villain" in Season 1, but Nate feels like a more tangible threat as a villain in comparison. At first I didn't like his version of villainy, but the more I thought about it was when I started to truly appreciate what a creep he is and what threat he can pose down the line!

    As for characters I don't care for....sadly, I was not a fan of Wyatt at all. His story was so short that we got next to nothing for his character development and what we did get wasn't that great. He's just a stoner. A sometimes funny one, but not much else as of yet. And also sadly, Doug is on my least favorite list. It's not that he's a bad guy, but that's all we really know about him. The first episode gave him so little character or moments to shine that it made "the big choice" easier to not pick him, but even saving him didn't do much to give him depth or distinguishable traits other than being a nice nerd. Even his "big moment" at the end felt less significant compared to Carley's just due to the pure shock of Carley's scene.

  • Wyatt,Clementine,Lee,Larry (yep),Omid,Christa and Ben.

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