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I deleted WalkingDead106 and now 400 days won't work (I have a Mac)

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So the DLC was acting stranger for some reason. It wouldn't let save even though it says it’s saving, it always started at Vince’s story no matter what I did, and when I want to the main menu from Vince’s story, the screen of the game got smaller and one of the files disappeared (only to reappear when I restarted the game).

So (after trying many, many things) I asked people for help and they said that I should uninstall 400 days and then reinstall it again. They said that I should delete WalkingDead106, and if I did that then Steam would allow me to reinstall 400 days. I was a bit wary of doing that, but I eventually did it anyways.

The problem is, the game and Steam still says that I have the 400 days DLC. But when I try to play the game, the screen goes black and I'm forced to shut down my laptop. The rest of the game works fine, it's only 400 days that's the problem.

Is there a way for me to make the game/Steam know that I don't have 400 days anymore so I can reinstall it back onto my computer?

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    tronix Telltale Alumni

    In Steam, go to the Game tab and view My Games. Right click on The Walking Dead and select Properties. On the Local Files Tab select verify integrity of game cache. That should get you back to a complete game.

    If you are still having trouble, email

    • 400 days is working now (Thank you very much) but I'm having the same problems I had before I deleted WalkingDead106 (not saving, always starting at Vince’s story, and the screen gets smaller when I exit from 400 days and one of the files disappear only to reappear when I start the game again). Is there anything I can do or should I email support?

  • So the files I already have make me start at Vince's story, but everything else is fine. It saves, it doesn't glitch or make me start over, and when I create a new file it starts from the very beginning instead of forcing me to start at Vince's story. So I think, other than that small hiccup, everything is working as it should. Thank you for helping me.

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