• Nah, I don't hate him. Always thought he looked dumb an disheveled. Then I was pissed when Lilly killed Carley because of him, but I realised he really tried to help, poor jinx. Then when he left Clementine behind I was angry, but hate is a strong word. Let's say it was a relief for me when he 'left' the group.

  • He is neither friend nor foe, but he is a bloody idiot

  • This discussion isn't really based on like or dislike is more based in understanding him or not. He had qualities like being a good guy, trying to help, he was also understanding, and had bad thing too like being kind off a coward, dependent on others and worried too much of what people think of him. But in the end I understand him, I mean he's a teenager with no family that lost his entire group, than was saved by Lee, mark and Kenny (if I remember correclty), and just landed on that new group where lots of people didn't liked him just because he was the "new" guy, I mean he was the "new" guy for manny charatchers and players even after episode 2, and some months have passed... So he felt kind of alone in the wrold and was trying to belong in this new group (and as bad luck had it he tried to help but just made bad calls or good calls that went bad...) where manny people didn't liked him... I understood him and didn't wanted him to die, I think he was a charatcher taht deserved development, and turning from this akward guy to someone that could curvive in that world. The difference between Clem and Ben is that everyone treated ben as a kid and at the same time expected him to be an adult as for Clem she had no pressure to do anything. So obviously i liked Clem better than Ben, but I liked Ben too, more than Kenny for example...)

  • No. You're not the only one. The bandits, doing nothing to protect Clem, the hatchet... why did Mark have to die in Ep2 instead of Ben?!

  • I was angry at Ben when I found out he gave supplies but I totally understood his reasoning and may well have done the same thing in his position. Ben I found to be a confused scared kid. I mainly felt sorry for him but I actually connected with him as a character.

  • I dropped him because he deserved to die But I did feel sorry for him. I couldnt have him around especially when there were like 4 people left in the ground and he would maybe fuck something up and get Clem or Kenny(oh wait) or Christa or Omid killed.

    • You really think he deserved to die? He's not the only person who made mistakes.

  • I saved Ben, and I understand that he is going through a lot. I saved him in Crawford. But if you understand Ben, you need to understand Kenny as well.

    Kenny is the only group member who had a living wife and son. More than anyone else, even counting Lee in regards to Clementine, he felt obligated (rightly so) to protect them with his life. He lost them both in one of the most traumatic ways imaginable. Ben literally took away every reason he had to live.

    I find it hard to hold grudges. But to be perfectly honest, in. Kenny's position, I would never have forgiven Ben. My first instinct would be to charge him and beat him to deTh (as Kenny tried to when he reveals his secret in Crawford.) After I was stopped, I would have shot I'm in the face. I wouldn't care if I would be killed by the group for it. It's not like I would have anything to lose at that point.

    I pitied Ben a little bit. But Kenny was right to hate him. If he had wound up killing Clementine, I bet much of the fan base would be a lot less sympathetic.

    • The same Kenny who didnt even want to go after Clementine because he held some petty grudge against Lee? Thats one thing I could never forgive Kenny for. And he's a grown man, not a scared teenager. That still infuriates me every time I think about it.

    • I can see why a lot of people would want to blame Ben for Duck and Katjaa's deaths, but if you look at things objectively, you'll realize that blaming Ben for Duck getting bitten makes no sense.

      All Ben did was give stolen supplies to the bandits to get them to stop attacking the motor inn. That's it. That's all he can be blamed for. (And he should be blamed for that because giving away the group's limited supplies to a bunch of raving psychopaths without consulting anyone is a fucking dumbass move.) But everything after that was happenstance. Here's the chain of events leading to Duck getting bitten:

      Ben steals supplies-->Lee finds supplies-->Bandits gets pissed-->Bandits attack-->Walkers come on the scene-->Duck falls over and get bitten

      Is Ben's actions a crucial link in this causal chain? Sure. But if that alone equates to Ben causing Duck's death, then using the same logic, you could say that Clem caused Lee's death:

      Clem talks to Stranger-->Stranger tells her to go outside-->She does so-->Stranger kidnaps her-->Clem drops her walkie-talkie-->Lee finds it and gets bitten

      So unless you're comfortable blaming Clem for Lee's death, you can't blame Ben for Duck or Katjaa's deaths.

      • The thing is, the walkers arrived because of all of the commotion brought on by the bandits because of them not getting their supplies from Ben. They weren't going to go away quietly, remember when one of the bandits shot their own with several unneccesary blast from a gun because someone got a little greedy with the food? They were lucky walkers didn't show up here and then. And since they were shouting the whole place down with threats, and eventually people were shooting on both sides, it was inevitable that walkers will show up.

        Noise attract walkers and that's why the place ended up overrun, someone was going to get bitten, and it was Duck. Granted, Ben didn't directly lead the walkers to bite Duck, but he did indirectly cause the chain of events that lead to someone getting bitten.

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