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Don't try and rush telltale

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How come I keep seeing twd fans disappointed because of the announcement not having a release date. And now I'm seeing players complain that it's not out by ps4 launch. I don't get it, why are some people trying to rush telltale to get all these things done. I mean it seems like there pretty busy with wolf among us also. I'd rather telltale not feel rushed and take there time with this atleast a little bit. I think we all need to be patient. So my question sort of is why do some people want to play it now (before there's release date and it's probably done with bugs and etc) and why do you feel the need to rush telltale.

  • Well, they announced in October and it's been a while so we are impatient and we want it sooner than soon!

  • I agree with the whole 'Don't rush them' thing, but if they want to announce the sequel to their most well-received and critically acclaimed game, they should wait until it's finished to prevent the fanbase from... getting annoyed.

  • Seriously, they shouldn't "rush" but I think at least giving us an approximate release date would be beyond great. Don't you agree?

    • I think they said that before Christmas. Isn't that approximate enough?

      Despite the fact that I have pre-ordered Season 2, I'm not in any particular hurry, because thanks to all kinds of sales I have more adventure games than I have time to play in the near future.

      Instead I hope that once they publish Episode 1 it is a finished product with a great story and without bugs. Many companies publish their games half-finished and I hope that TTG won't fall into that trap.

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    I've heard many on this forum say that Telltale is a small company and should not be rushed. I completely agree with that, but their lack of communication with their fans with just the slightest news is completely below zero. Don't say it's because they are a small company; I've followed SCS Software since its inception and this is what you can call a small company with only 20 employees. But you know what, they publish news about their games and the development every week. If a company with 20 employees can keep their customers updated, I have 100% faith in Telltale Games with their around 125 employees also can. I really hope they'll get better at communicating with us in the future. This eternal silence can make anyone cranky, especially when we know we're very close, and still they don't say anything. I know they have something interesting to say, but either way they love to push us to the limit and create hype before they release their games. But doesn't always lead to positive results.

    • Yep, I hate gaming companies who don't even communicate with their fanbase at all besides once in a blue moon

      • Why should we be entitled to them answering our every beck and call, though? They're releasing quality games, on the cheap, for us to enjoy, and we've got people getting pissy because they don't know if they have to wait between a week or three?

        It's pretty preposterous. What would knowing even do? You'd have to wait either way. Not exactly something you have to make advance plans for.

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        Vainamoinen Moderator

        I believe Telltale's games are a pretty strong form of communication with their fanbase.

    • Telltale does a fine job of communicating with us, no they might not reveals lots (companies like EA can be different) telltale staff reply on here sometimes. No two companies are the same and I never really sad BECAUSE they are a small company I just mean there pretty busy because there working on two important games.

  • Why do people even make this question, it's pretty obvious that we're fans of telltale's work and want to play more of their games as soon as possible.

    Like seriously why.

  • I don't think people are RUSHING the game, I doubt many people want a rushed game. People just assume it's already done, but some don't realize that the game needs to go through testing to make sure the game has very little to no bugs. We all deep down want the game as soon possible, don't we?

  • Im not in any hurry, xbox one comes out on Tues so I will have plenty to play to keep me busy until the game comes out

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    Well, it's that time of the week again when we can expect news. Tomorrow after the show that is.

  • Hey, it's our job as fans to be all excited and impatient and beg for an ASAP release...

    It's Telltalte's job to know better and release only when the game is completely ready, without any bugs or glitches.

    You won't make me feel guilty for wanting season 2 so bad, as long as I'm not complaining angrily or threatening Telltale's team.

    ... But you better release it soon, guys, or else... ( :D )

  • I don't think asking for a concrete release date does mean rushing them. The lack of communication to us, fans, is making us sound that we're rushing them. I don't want to play a glitchy and full of bug game but I hope they can share a tiny bit of information to us.

    • People find always some reason to complain about the release dates, no matter what TTG does.

      I'm certain that many of us remember when ToMI's last episode was released. TTG announced that it will be released in December 8th 2009. Then people started complaining that TTG should have released it in November.

      That was just a one example, because similar things have happened with Sam & Max and other series too. Some people even complain if episode is released couple of hours later than when they expected it would happen.

      • So? Are you saying that TTG's "Coming Soon" is one way of minimizing the fans from complaining?

        • They have give approximate date in blog:

          The Walking Dead: Season Two – A Telltale Games Series will consist of five episodes that will be released for digital download over the course of the season, expected to premiere later this year and conclude in 2014.

          Be sure that if there's any delays from that, the complaining will be similar like in Jurassic Park forum when there was a delay and they couldn't release the game around the time they were supposed to do so.

          But in any case if the game isn't finished yet, saying that the first episode will be released in late 2013 gives you more freedom than exact release date set in stone. Even the slightest delay from announced date starts storm of complaints and in similar manner if they announce December date it will also annoy people. Maybe the uncertainty is for the best.

    • Maybe because they don't have a release date and there still fixing things up...

      • But I think it's not helping them at all. Though, I'm pretty sure they know and they are confident that many TWD fans are looking forward to it even though they're not giving us new informations at all, fans are getting impatient since it's been a year when the season 1 was released.

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        FreddeN93 BANNED

        By not having a release date don't give them a reason to be quiet. Like I mentioned in my comment above, just saying something in words, no need for any media or fance videos; Just a few rows with text explaining the current situation. Have the game been submitted and approved/disapproved? etc. The connection between Telltale and their fans is currently under the ice by far.

        • Didn't they just announce that they were play-testing it like 3 days ago? Are you expecting daily updates or something?

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            FreddeN93 BANNED

            ...You very well know what I mean. The tweet we got like three days ago was the only sign of life from Telltale regarding Season Two since we got the reveal trailer. It was not even any waterproof information; it only left us with more questions than answers. And before the reveal trailer... Don't get me started.

            • No. I don't know what you mean. You said you wanted them to explain the current situation. They did that. It just wasn't what you wanted to hear.

              You want them to say that they submitted the game to third parties already. But they won't. So why not just take that to mean that they haven't submitted the game yet?

              Just what about the tweet wasn't clear? It said they were play-testing it. It means that they were looking for flaws or bugs in the game that they need to correct before releasing it to the market. This means that, at the time of the tweet, they probably haven't sent it in to third parties yet, since what would be the point of play-testing it after doing so?

              So yeah. The game's not as far along in the process as you want it to be. Deal with it.

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                FreddeN93 BANNED

                How long has it been from last we heard something official about Season Two till we got the reveal trailer? I lost count of the weeks. And now from the reveal trailer to that tweet, about two weeks am I correct? ...I didn't notice until now you changed the subject, my apologies. We're talking about the connection of communication between Telltale and their fans. I don't care if they release the game in a week to a month, but they need to talk to us more; their customers. Like someone already said, it might look like we're pushing Telltale, but this is just the result of lack of information.

                "Deal with it"?

                (?) FreddeN93 didn't appreciate that.

                • It was a reveal trailer. It's purpose is to introduce the game. It makes no sense to give out information about a game before the reveal trailer. The fact that you were counting the weeks before the reveal trailer even came out for no discernible reason isn't anyone's fault but your own.

                  Furthermore, along with the release of that trailer came a bunch of screenshots from the game for fans to speculate over. It isn't Telltale's fault that fans got bored with them after about a week. Exactly just how often do you expect them to update you on the game they're making?

                  You keep going on about a "lack of information" and wanting this "connection of communication between Telltale and their fans" but you appear to have no idea exactly what information you actually want them communicate. They don't have the release date to give you. They already told you how far along they are in the development process. And personally, I don't want any more information about the plot until I play it myself. Outside of those 3 things, what else could they possibly say?

                  Oh, I stand by my last statement. Deal with it.

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                    FreddeN93 BANNED

                    I understand you're obviously trying to protect Telltale Games from people who barely know how to tie their own shoelaces when it come to knowledge about Telltale. But if you read my first comment in this discussion and ponder it for a few minutes; If a game developer with 20 employees can keep their fans and customers updated every week, how come a game developer with around 125 employees can't? Don't tell me they can't just because they... can't. What is the big deal with telling us, just for instance out of many things they can, if the game have been sent in for approval oder nicht? It won't spoil anything if that's what they're afraid of.

                    • -sigh-

                      FreddeN, I already told you that the fact that they mentioned play-testing the game means that it probably hasn't been sent in for approval yet. Unless you expect them to make weekly announcements saying "The Walking Dead Season 2 has still not been sent in for approval yet!" you're just going to have to take their silence to mean that it hasn't.

                      Will they tell us when they have sent it in? I don't know. But what good will knowing whether or not it has been sent in for approval bring us anyway? Do you think it'll give us a good idea for a release date? It won't. Yeah, sure, the approval process usually takes a set amount of time. But what if after announcing that it's been submitted to third parties, a huge problem is found that requires Telltale to take another week to fix? Then they'll have just pissed off a huge portion of their fans who took their announcement of "sent in for approval" to mean "release is imminent." And let's be honest here, FreddeN, you'd be one of those fans.

                      The way I see it, the only news worth announcing about the approval process would be when the game has actually been approved. But at that point, they'll have the release date and the game would be coming out after a few days anyway.

                      And as for your example with SCS Software, the key difference here isn't in terms of the size of the company, but in the content being produce. As I understand it, SCS produces simulation games whose primary value lie in their gameplay mechanics which are tweaked and fine-tuned continuously. They could say whatever they want about the content being added to their games without ruining the experience of actually playing it. That's not the case with The Walking Dead, which is a story-driven game whose value lies in its narrative. Saying just about anything about what's in the game is spoils some aspect of it. It also doesn't undergo constant updates, patches, or DLC so there's really nothing to say beyond that.

                      • Okay, fine. None of you two will win in this argument anyway so just stop. Fredden and alot of us want news, and perhaps you don't DomeWing.

                        "Deal with it".

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                          Vainamoinen Moderator

                          @FreddeN93 wrote: If a game developer with 20 employees can keep their fans and customers updated every week, how come a game developer with around 125 employees can't?

                          Show me the the 20 employee company with roughly monthly episodic multi-platform game releases and I'll start to draw comparisons immediately.

                          @FreddeN93 wrote: What is the big deal with telling us, just for instance out of many things they can, if the game have been sent in for approval oder nicht?

                          Weil das eine Informationspraxis ist, die den Partnern Sony und Microsoft aus gutem Grunde missfällt.

                          Before TWD episode 2, this kind of 'announcement' was literally unheard of. Telltale didn't, EVER, tell people when their console builds had been sent in for approval. The reasons are plentiful. What if at the end of the approval process, the partners find that the build is insufficient and Telltale has a few things to amend? It wouldn't just be two weeks time then, and the worth of the information to the waiting fans next to nil. What DID happen mid 2012 when Telltale announced they've sent the final episode 2 builds to S&M and were 'waiting to hear back from their partners' was this: fans started trolling the official PSN and Xbox blog 'asking' for a release date in the same way you can see that shit right here. It looked not as if Telltale was informing their fanbase, but instead as if they were shifting guilt for the delay to their partners. Seriously, not the best PR.

                          As a result, I do not expect this kind of announcement to repeat anytime soon in the TWD franchise, ESPECIALLY not as the community impatience is peaking and overreactions are to be expected. And in fact I would advise Telltale to in no case do that again.

        • You do have a valid point, by now they could easily have a trailer out but when they have a "real" trailer I feel like it was show a release date then consoles and etc. so if they release on things they sorta have to release the rest. Other than characters. See what I'm saying a bit? I agree telltale is one of those gaming companies that prefers to keep quiet and not give many things away, usually.

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      Vainamoinen Moderator

      I don't think asking for a concrete release date does mean rushing them.

      (a) Indeed, it doesn't.

      (b) Posting in a community forum doesn't mean "asking Telltale".

      (c) Asking for something that does not yet exist gets boring after a while.

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