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Continuing upon the end of S1(fan-fic)

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This thread allows anyone to continue on the story from the end scene of The Walking Dead s1, and many had contributed significantly to allow this thread to still be alive and active. Thanks everyone. This thread was created quite a while ago before the release of season 2, and despite the fact that the official story has been continued, this journey goes down a different path, and is/will be completely different than season 2, so be creative, and see how far this story can go.

The rules: -Continue writing from the last commenter's story (do not use "reply" unless you want to discuss about their choice), with no more than one paragraph. -To allow the story's continuity, try not to end your piece of story with a dead end. -Don't downvote another commenter's paragraph if you dislike it, reply to him/her to discuss whether or not it should be continued upon. -This is a serious thread, if you want to put unrelated materials or spams in the comments then please go somewhere else. -BE CREATIVE.

Have fun and thanks for contributing.

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