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Continuing upon the end of S1(fan-fic)

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This thread allows anyone to continue on the story from the end scene of The Walking Dead s1, and many had contributed significantly to allow this thread to still be alive and active. Thanks everyone. This thread was created quite a while ago before the release of season 2, and despite the fact that the official story has been continued, this journey goes down a different path, and is/will be completely different than season 2, so be creative, and see how far this story can go.

The rules: -Continue writing from the last commenter's story (do not use "reply" unless you want to discuss about their choice), with no more than one paragraph. -To allow the story's continuity, try not to end your piece of story with a dead end. -Don't downvote another commenter's paragraph if you dislike it, reply to him/her to discuss whether or not it should be continued upon. -This is a serious thread, if you want to put unrelated materials or spams in the comments then please go somewhere else. -BE CREATIVE.

Have fun and thanks for contributing.


    Dining hall

    • Jack and Kirkmin enter the hall
    • Jack walks up to the stage while Kirkmin stays in the back of the hall
    • Jack tells the people about the ''food-poisoning''
    • Robert, Elizabeth's wife, asks where Jack's dad is
    • Robert offers for Elizabeth to look at his ''illness'', but Jack refuses
    • Robert starts shouting, making the crowd panic
    • Kirkmin's men come in and fire three bullets, one of them hits Robert
    • He proceeds to finish one of the victims off, pushing Jack away and telling his guards to escort poisoned people out of the hall
    • Leaving Kirkmin alone with the large crowd, Jack picks up a gun and aims it at the man
    • The gun is out of ammo and emits a click, leading Kirkmin to pull his weapon on Jack.
    • Kirkmin leads Jack to the stage, where he orders him to kneel
    • Elizabeth witnesses the ordeal and finally decides to pick up a gun and aims it at Kirkmin, hitting him in the chest.

    • Jack stands up with relief, Elizabeth walks right past him and finishes Kirkmin's twitching body

    • Jack tries to reason with her, but she cuts him off and gathers the crowd around her, rallying them up to fight the remaining soldiers
    • Jack searches Kirkmin's body and discovers a walkie-talkie
    • Elizabeth runs out with ten other people wearing a few pieces of body-armor, Jack soon follows

    Meanwhile, in the camper:

    • Clementine opens the door while calling out for Kenny and Danielle
    • Seeing they are both unconscious Clementine rushes to them and checks their pulse.
    • Danielle is steady, while Kenny's heart appears to be failing
    • As the group starts performing CPR they notice the drink that had caused the passing out in the first place

    Somewhere in the settlement:

    • Frank talks to his cat, Oreo, about finding Kenny
    • He passes many dead bodies when he suddenly hears a feminine cry coming from inside a building
    • Peeking into the room Frank can see a woman tied to a chair and men who seem to go through all off her stuff.
    • Focusing on the task at hand, which is finding Kenny, Frank moves on but gets grabbed by walker, which he kills with his machete
    • Three members of the camper-group pass Frank, he recognizes Clem's name so he follows them to their camper

    Back in the camper:

    • Clementine asks the group if they even know CPR, which they don't.
    • A noise comes from outside, Clementine goes to check.
    • Frank enters the camper, receiving hostile responses from Jeremy
    • He reveals he knows Pascucci and tells about his quest to find Kenny, and how he used to be a nurse
    • Frank asks questions, before performing CPR and letting Bryan vomit out the poisoned food

    In Sarah's office:

    • One of Kirkmin's soldiers named Ralph looks at a photo and talks about Sarah's sister in a sexual manner
    • Commotion is heard outside, Ralph gets called to go outside to help them in their battle
    • He punches Sarah, telling her the community will pay for their boss' death
    • She hops to a corner of the room and breaks a few boards, revealing a secret stash containing:
    • A gun, ammunition, a hunting knife and a box with a small lock.
    • Sarah breaks out of her bindings and proceeds to pick up the contents of the small hole in the ground
    • She loads the gun and opens the box, revealing a necklace
    • She puts it around her neck and readies her weapon when a bolt of thunder ''wakes her up''
    • A moment of silence is interrupted by a large explosion, causing the room to collapse around her
    • She barely escapes through a window when a second explosion completely destroys her lodge
    • A large horde approaches and she runs to the wall, which she climbs
    • When she has reached the top a large army approaches, including two tanks.

    • She climbs back down the wall looking for Jack in a different crowd

    • She finds him, but is interrupted by another explosion, which has destroyed a part of the wall
    • A general uses his megaphone to call the settlement's leader, Jack walks over, but Elizabeth has already reached the general

    Back in the camper:

    • Clementine gasps when Kenny finally wakes up
    • Kenny is confused by the person who has saved him, asking his name
    • Frank reveals he was Pascucci's friend, and that he didn't get revenge on his killer, which he regrets
    • A moment of silence ends when yet another explosion sounds from outside, flipping their camper on its side


    • The group gathers outside of the camper, the plan is to simply run away as far as possible
    • They run to the wall, when Clementine spots an armory
    • she climbs in, picking up just one half of a machete, which she uses just once to kill a walker
    • Bryan throws himself to Frank's weapon, firing three shots at the already dead walker
    • After a brief argument, the group moves on
    • The tank's noises stop, and Clementine tells the group to wait when a bullet pierces through Jeremy's arm, making him and Bryan fall to the ground
    • Sarah appears, threatening to shoot Bryan and Jeremy
    • Bryan picks up Jeremy's gun and slowly stands up
    • Sarah resolutely aims her gun at Bryan, when a voice appears behind her
    • The voice is revealed to be Jack, who is angry at Sarah for causing his father's death
    • He shoots her, before reloading his gun
    • Realizing what he has done, Jack falls to his knees, staring at Sarah's pale face
    • Jeremy reaches out to him ,offering to help him up
    • He instead rises by himself and loosely holds the gun, making Jeremy flinch
    • Jeremy puts his hands in the air and tries to persuade Jack, he steps closer, leading to Jack shooting him in the face
    • Frank rushes over and tackles Jack, before furiously punching his face
    • Kenny pushes him off and tells him to take Jack and his gun with them, they will decide his fate once they're safe

    At the wall:

    • Frank pushes Clementine over the wall, where a military convoy is waiting for her
    • Bryan and Kenny both become angry at Frank, and offer to go after her immediately
    • They argue over who should go, but Kenny is the strongest
    • Frank helps him to get on top of the wall and Danielle reaches him his crutches

    Outside the walls:

    • Clementine gets hit in the head before a stranger pulls her away from the wall, ditching her gun and taking her into the woods
    • As they reach the treeline, the man's walkie-talkie begins emitting a message
    • Clementine picks up his knife and stabs the man, named Ralph, in his thigh
    • The man loses his grip, allowing Clementine to run away from him
    • As she runs through the forest, screams of soldiers sound behind her, making her change her route
    • When two lights and a set of screams approach, Clementine hides behind a large tree where she picks up a thick, pointy branch
    • She uses it to stab one of the soldiers in the chest, while the other starts shooting at her
    • She picks up the gun and hides behind a boulder, taunting the soldier
    • After he shoots many bullets, she stands up and scrapes his neck with one well-placed shot
    • She picks up his hunting knife and finishes him before picking up his walkie-talkie

    • She runs back into the woods and hides between two rocks

    • A German shepherd finds her, and barks to alert its masters
    • She stabs the dog in the neck, and crawls over his body and back into the forest
    • Running away once more, she reaches a cliff
    • Regaining her balance, she turns around and aims her gun at the woods, shouting weak threats to nothing

    Outside the settlement's walls:

    • The group has reached the other side of the wall, but Kenny is worried about Clementine's absence
    • The entire group calls for her, but Kenny orders them to be silent
    • As the rain quickly lets up, Bryan crouches down to examine a set of footsteps
    • He determines that Clementine must have been taken away, and Kenny immediately runs off into the woods
    • Bryan, Danielle, Frank and Jack rush after him, but Kenny has somehow outran them

    I would appreciate if someone else would continue from page 59 onward.

    • Thank you for doing the summary. Here's the rest of the episode:

      In the forest

      • Clementine wonders whether she should stay put or try to find her group.
      • Walkers surround her so she uses the last of her bullets and runs away from them.
      • She runs into a tree and is knocked down. She reaches for her hunting knife as a walker approaches.
      • The walker falls on her and as she struggles and is almost bitten, a bullet hits the walker.
      • Clementine runs away after her ordeal as a male voice calls after her.
      • She eventually reaches a clearing and meets a teenage girl and a pug.
      • Kenny, who had been the person to save Clementine from the walker, arrives on the scene.
      • Thalia, the teenage girl, introduces herself but is then attacked and killed by a walker.
      • Kenny and Clementine escape with Sandy, the pug, and Clementine notices a walker bite on Kenny’s shoulder.
      • Clementine and Kenny share an emotional exchange as Clementine reveals that she feels responsible for what is happening to Kenny as well as Lee’s death. Kenny tries to comfort her and explains that he and Lee had loved her like a daughter.
      • They decide to try and find Bryan before Kenny dies.
      • Kenny tries to lead them back to the group but to no avail. Clementine spots Bryan’s cave where they had stayed before they found Jack’s settlement.

      Bryan’s cave

      • In the cave, Kenny’s condition worsens. Kenny and Clementine exchange extremely emotional farewells.
      • Kenny dies and Clementine shoots him to prevent him becoming a walker.
      • Sandy, the pug, runs from the cave and into the forest. Clementine tries to stop the dog but there are walkers nearby.
      • Clementine stays at the entrance of the cave and reflects on not being affected by Thalia’s death. She struggles to deal with Kenny’s death.
      • She wakes up later and decides she doesn’t want to go back in the cave and find Kenny’s body.
      • Clementine sees a walker killing Sandy and then coming towards her. She has no choice but to go back in the cave.

      On the hill outside the settlement

      • Bryan, Danielle and Frank make their way to the top of the hill.
      • Danielle asks Bryan why Jack killed himself. Bryan suggests that he had lost all hope after what had happened to the settlement.
      • At the top of the hill a hell-like scene stands before them. Walker bodies, some freshly turned and others much more degraded, fill the field.
      • The three of them head down to check if any of the bodies are Clementine or Kenny.
      • Just before they finish checking the bodies, the group are shot at. Bryan grabs Danielle and makes for the woods nearby.
      • When Bryan looks back, Frank is sheltering behind a broken down vehicle and waving for them to keep running.
      • Upon reaching the woods, Bryan realises they have no place to hide other than the trees so gives Danielle a gun and lifts her up a tree.
      • He tells Danielle to climb the tree and hide there. A shot hits the tree so Danielle climbs the tree and tells Bryan to find Clementine. Bryan runs away.

      Bryan’s cave

      • Three days have passed and Kenny’s body is rotting.
      • Clementine is starving but she decides that she must do something: “It’s time.”
  • The eBook is finally done!

    It contains the entire story we've built together in this thread - see it here:

  • So, what do you guys think: Are the preparations done? I think there is one more thing to do: a list of (deceased) characters. Can't wait for the next season. :)

  • So? Has everybody finished playing A House Divided?

  • Is there anything I can be doing to help us get ready for Season 3? I know we're having a break so everyone can play A House Divided but if there's a specific thing that needs doing let me know and I'll get on it.


    1. Finishing the official summaries of Season 2 - DONE

    2. Finishing the Backup for Season 2 - DONE

    3. Finding an official name for Season 2 - DONE

    4. Finding an official name for Season 3 + appropriate thread title - - NOT DONE YET

    5. Making a short and specific summary of S2 + describing the point of departure (What happened and where is Clementine now?) - IS IT DONE YET, That_1_Guy?

    6. Setting specific rules together and putting them on paper - - IS IT DONE YET, That_1_Guy?

    7. Deciding what's going to be in the thread opener / in the first comments (note: the thread opener shouldn't be too long or you have to scroll down a lot on every page) - IS IT DONE YET, That_1_Guy?

    8. Scheduling an exact time the new thread is going to start - NOT DONE YET

    9. Me: Finishing the PDF/E-Book - Done

    10. List of characters - NOT DONE YET

    Regarding 8: I am totally ready for the next Season and can hardly wait, what about you?

  • i asked people about when to start the thread and got no replys. if no one replys to this one i will decide myself (BTW that will be when season 2 ends)

  • I'm making a list of characters from the season with a short bio for each character.

    I'm going to start with Episode 1 and work my way through to Episode 5, though people are welcome to help if they want to. I'm only including a character if they no longer appear in a subsequent episode, meaning that Clementine and Kenny will appear in the Episode 5 list, while characters such as Omid and Christa will be in this Episode 1 list.

    Here's the list for Fight or Flight:


    An athletic, agile and strong young woman. Clementine, Christa and Omid encounter her as a walker early in Fight or Flight.

    Status: Walker


    An affable and resourceful IT guy. Clementine spots his body on the side of the road.

    Status: Dead


    A determined man with questionable morals and an unsympathetic attitude. Kenny knocks him out with a punch and steals his truck after Nate attempts to shoot him.

    Status: Unknown, was left knocked out in the road

    Unnamed man from New Crawford

    A man with some authority in New Crawford; he shot Charlie’s mother and had a ‘survival of the fittest’ regime. Charlie shoots him the man leaves the group (Clementine, Christa, Omid, Kenny and Charlie) following their decision not to go with him.

    Status: Dead

    Man in his 60s and younger, taller man in his mid 20s

    They attack the jeep with Kenny, Eddie, Tyler and Jessica in it. The younger man shoots Tyler in the chest before escaping. Omid runs over the older man before Pascucci finishes him off.

    Status: Dead and unknown, respectively

    Thanks for the information, That_1_Guy. I think that not all the character lists will be relevant to the new thread, for example, this one has no current characters. Perhaps I should only include an edited, relevant character list in the new thread.

  • It has been good working with all of you in this Season, seriously, it's been an absolutely amazing thing in my life, yes, my life, not at all extreme.

    I can't wait for Season 3 and working with all of you great people! :D.


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